Display & Touch

Digital Paper Tablet

The Digital Paper tablet featuring E Ink’s proprietary electronic paper display, offers a paper-like experience for reading, annotating and note taking on letter size documents. The glare free, easy-on-the-eyes display is great for longer term immersive reading, even in direct sunlight. A non-slip surface delivers the “feel” of pen on paper when highlighting, annotating, or erasing on documents. With a thin, lightweight yet durable design, and long battery life, the Digital Paper tablet can improve existing document workflows to deliver a better, more efficient user experience.

  • Letter size – full page view, no scrolling or zooming
  • Reads like paper – no glare, use indoors or outside
  • Annotate, highlight, erase – enable active reading
  • Take handwritten notes – organize your thoughts and ideas
  • Always on – quick access to documents and notes
  • Long battery life – lasts about three weeks
  • Thin, lightweight – similar to about 30 pieces of paper
  • Durable and unbreakable – take it anywhere
  • Secure – keep documents digital
  • Wireless enabled – access documents and notes anywhere
  • Customizable – optimize for use with existing applications

The digital Paper Tablet