Wireless & Networking

Digi XBee3 Cellular Modems: Now with LTE‑M/NB‑IoT

Digi XBee3™ Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT provides OEMs with a simple way to integrate low-power narrow-band cellular connectivity into their IoT devices. This latest addition to the Digi XBee3 lineup combines global connectivity, built-in security, and design flexibility for IoT applications.

Digi XBee3 Cellular Modems features:

  • One hardware platform for use on LTE-M/NB-IoT networks with multi-band support to integrate with many carriers
  • FCC certified and carrier end-device certified
  • Integrated MicroPython programmability for edge compute
  • 6 months of free cellular service with development kits
  • Low power consumption optimized for long battery life
  • Enhanced with Digi TrustFence® security framework
  • Manage and configure with XCTU and Digi Remote Manager®
  • Digi XBee Transparent and API modes simplify design
  • CE/RED certified and network tested
  • Dual-mode radio for local configuration over Bluetooth® low energy using the Digi XBee Mobile app

XBEE3 Cellular Modems