LED & Solid State Lighting

Design Guidelines and Ecosystems for Luminus COB Arrays

This newly revised document in attachment presents information about general physical principles related to solid state lighting (SSL) and guidelines for designs using elements commonly used in conjunction with chip on board (COB) arrays. COB arrays are designed to provide a reliable, long lived light source for a wide variety of illumination systems. COB arrays can be designed into systems featuring many types of reflector, TIR style lenses, collimating lenses, Fresnel lenses, bulk diffusers, and combinations of these elements. COBs arrays can be incorporated into flood lights, wall washes, narrow beam spot lights as well as numerous types of PAR, MR, BR, GU, A, E and festoon replacement bulbs. While these applications may vary a great deal in their performance and design, herein are contained some common attributes that should be considered when designing any lighting system featuring COB arrays.

  • Photometric Power and Flux Binning
  • Spectral Distribution and Color Binning
  • Angular Distribution
  • Ecosystems
  • Reflectors and Diffusers
  • Lenses
  • Power Management
  • Thermal Management
  • Solderless Connectors
  • Mechanical and Optical Models

Design Guidelines and Ecosystems for COB Arrays