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Configurable Display Switch

SCHURTER launched a new generation of intelligent input systems with capacitive touch technology. The intuitive operation with a finger stroke, wipe or rotation on the touchscreen corresponds to that of a smartphone.

The user can decide what is displayed or activated in the case of wiping on the bright, round OLED display and the home LED. Hard image change, gentle fade-in and fad-out – it has absolute creative freedom. All functions are freely configurable. With the glass layout any symbols on the softkeys can be realized.

SKU: 11963
  • Capacitive touch technology in combination with an OLED Display
  • Four softkeys and one touch button
  • Functions: rotating, swiping horizontally or vertically, and tapping
  • Upload of own pictures in png format and animated gif videos via USB Interface
  • No operation system software necessary for the operation of the CDS1, only the machine simulator runs on MS Windows 7 and higher
  • Selection from three interfaces: I2C, SPI, RS232

Schurter CSD1 Datasheet

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