Embedded Computing

Compact Fanless Embedded PCs Optimized for Edge Computing

The Matrix compact integrated fanless embedded computers and IoT gateways are designed to enhance responsiveness and durability of edge AI and edge computing applications. Designed to perform and to last, the compact Matrix integrated fanless embedded computers and IoT gateways offer performance, easy integration, and ruggedness to enable timely data-driven decision making at the edge.


The compact Matrix integrated fanless embedded computers deliver efficiency, productivity and security enhancement across industries. The Matrix series has been used to accelerate compute-intensive high-resolution medical imaging for faster diagnosis and enable facial recognition gates for secure access control. The Matrix IoT gateways are used for remote monitoring and control to avoid unnecessary shutdown for oyster farms, minimize vehicle downtime for truck fleets and optimize charging of electric cars.


  • Value Family
    -MVP-5100-MXM Series
    9th Gen Intel® Core™, embedded GPU workstation supporting MXM GPU module and rich I/Os
    -MVP-5100 Series
    9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 & 8th Gen Celeron® processor-based embedded fanless computer
  • High Performance
    -MXE-5600 Series
    9th Gen Intel® Xeon®, Core™ i7/i3 and 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor-based embedded fanless computer
    -MXE-5400 Series
    4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor-based fanless embedded computer
  • High Computing Power : Feature the latest Intel® Xeon®, Core™ and Atom® processors
  • GPU Acceleration : Integrate GPU computing from NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs
  • Ease Integration : Offer a comprehensive I/O set to interface with auxiliary devices
  • Ruggedness : Deliver reliable operation in poor ventilation, limited space, temperature extremes, dust-prone and corrosive conditions

MVP-5100 Series MVP-5100-MXM Series MXE-5400  MXE-5600