Power & EMC

Compact, Constant Current “Boost” DC/DC LED Drivers

The LDB24 series is a family of compact, DC/DC LED drivers that use a “boost” design. The use of a step up circuit (rather than the more common step down) allows the LDB24 models to provide a higher DC output level than the input, which in turn allows them to power longer LED strings.

SKU: 11804


  • Constant Current Output
  • Step Up (Boost) Design
  • Wide 9V to 36V Input Range
  • Up to 48V Output
  • Efficiency to 95%
  • Up to 43W Output Power
  • -40ºC to +85ºC Operation
  • Available with Wired Leads
  • Digital & Analog Dimming



MPD LDB24 datasheet