Embedded Computing

Centimeter- level Indoor Real-time Location Solution

Avalue indoor real-time location solution uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication technology, equipped with Avalue positioning system, which provides a complete solution for seamless sensing and precise indoor positioning for different vertical market applications.

It becomes more difficult to manage the personnel, objects, and events in complex indoor spaces. If the positioning result of the target object is far away from its actual location, it will lose its positioning purpose. Therefore, only the centimeter- level indoor positioning is the turnkey solution.

Avalue indoor real-time location solution provides accurate, reliable and instant location tracking management system. Currently, it has applied to different fields with various functions, such as personnel management which is able to the get the real-time location information of visitors and contractors by the intelligent personnel management system.  Also, by setting the restricted area, the system enables to send the warning notice or trigger the camera to check the on-the-spot situation when the unauthorized person breaks into the geo-fencing zone or stay there over time.


  • High Accuracy (<30cm)
  • High Position Stability
  • High Penetrability
  • Anti-Interference (RF), wide bandwidth and narrow pulse
  • Low power usage, long tag battery life

Benefits of using Avalue RTLS:

  • Provide a complete overview with the real-time management system
  • Setting the invisible boundary (Geo-fencing) to monitor any inappropriate behaviors occurred onsite
  • Make emergency call easily with built-in panic buttons on each tag to enhance workplace safety.
  • Track any objects, record any activities in any sites, all the functionalities are all at your fingertip

 Indoor RTLS – Warehouse