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5.2″ Bar type stretched TFT LCD Displays

Bar Type TFT is a new rising star for many applications, These Bar TFT displays are a perfect choice to apply in: server, audio system and advertising display, automotive, aviation, marine systems, security equipment, Industrial equipment, outdoor intercom systems and control panels, medical equipment. Here is the Quick Selection Guide for Raystar released 5.2” RFS520A and RFS520Q Bar TFT for your reference.

  • 5.2” Bar TFT module
  • Supports 8080 family MPU
  • High brightness
  • With frame / controller board / O-Film Technology

Quick Selection guide RFS520Q-ELW-DBG RFS520Q-ELW-DBN RFS520Q-EZH-DBN RFS520Q-EZW-DBN