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31.2″ EPD Display with LVDS System Board

LVDS TCON driving kit allows customers to integrate their media player with E Ink EPD easily. The users can connect EPD with all kinds of media players which are equipped with HDMI function.

LVDS TCON driving kit includes one TCON board and one AD board. The AD board translates HDMI input signal to LVDS signal. Then the TCON board process LVDS signal and controls the EPD. The connection between AD board and LVDS board is through LVDS cable. The LVDS TCON board controls the EPD through 50 pins FFC.

Color TCON LVDS driving kit is dedicated for driving EC312TT2 display module. And, monochrome TCON LVDS driving kit is dedicated for driving ED312TT2 display module.


E Ink Display Panel 31.2’’ EPD display
E Ink Display Resolution 2560(H) × 1440(V)
TCON Solution Xilinx FPGA TCON

(Xilinx XC6SLX16-2CSG324C)

TCON Interface Dual-channelLVDS
LVDS Resolution 1280(H) × 720(V) @60Hz
LVDS Data Format 8bits NS format
TCON Board Dimension

(W × H × D, unit: mm)

280(W) × 160(H) × 12(D)
Power Supply 12V/2A (2A min.)
External Controller

(no including in this kit)

Multi-Function Display Controller

(A/D Board/Scalar IC or others SOC which support LVDS interface )

Demo Kit Hardware Description

(with A/D Board)

31.2 EPD display (ED312TT2) LVDS demo kit only includes an LVDS Driving Boardand E Ink panel.The A/D Boardand LVDS Driving Boardare connected via a LVDS Cable. Use the HDMI port on the A/D Boardasthe image source of the E Ink panel.

EC312TT2 display module