LED & Solid State Lighting

200W IP66/IP67 LED Drivers with Wireless Programming, Power Monitoring and Digital Dimming Capabilities

The new EUM-Lx family is equipped with even more features providing OEMs the ability to monitor crucial driver information, reduce  maintenance costs and streamline production. They also allow OEMs simplify installation by achieving various output current   configurations from 700-5600mA, adapt existing luminaires to different individual requirements and provide extreme design versatility.

The EUM-Lx family are equipped with the valuable and time-saving features of wireless programming via Near Field Communication  (NFC) offering OEMs the ultimate in versatility and convenience. They can be configured without power or a mains connection, Providing an effortless approach to programming. The luminaire can be adjusted safely at any time and it allows for easy in-application
troubleshooting. The EUM-Lx family can be programmed using the Inventronics PRG-NFC-D desktop programmer, PRG-NFC-H handheld programmer or any Zhaga Book 24 compatible programmers which allows manufacturers to wirelessly set the output current and minimum dimming levels.



  • Full Power at Wide Output Current Range (Constant Power)
  • Adjustable Output Current (AOC) with NFC
  • Isolated 0-10V/PWM/3-Timer-Modes Dimmable
  • INV Digital Dimming, UART Based Communication Protocol
  • Compliant with T/CSA-051
  • Dim-to-Off with Standby Power ≤ 0.5 W
  • Always-on Auxiliary Power: 12Vdc, 250mA, 3W (Transient Peak Power up to 10W)
  • Integrated Power Monitoring with High Accuracy up to ±1%
  • Output Lumen Compensation
  • End-of-Life Indicator
  • Thermal Sensing and Protection for LED Module
  • Input Surge Protection: DM 6kV, CM 10kV
  • All-Around Protection: IUVP, IOVP, OVP, SCP, OTP
  • IP66 / IP67 and UL Dry / Damp / Wet Location
  • TYPE HL, for Use in a Class I, Division 2 Hazardous
  • (Classified) Location
  • 7 Years Warranty