Display & Touch

HDMI & Touch via USB

GT-1P series is an embedded touch monitor designed to smoothly integrate into any project. The mounted FLETAS® touch panel gives the GT-1P series high touch sensitivity to operate accurately in demanding environments.


  • FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch
  • PC / SBC Ready
  • High Brightness
    – A 1,000 cd/m2 TFT panel is used
    *Actual brightness is 850cd/m2
  • Stable Operation
    – Variable projection radius. Tested up to a 5mm acrylic overlay without a?ecting touch response under factory conditions.
  • Adaptable Sensitivity
    – No interference from gloves or liquid. Maintains a smooth HMI.
  • Multiple Touches
    – Handles up to 10 concurrent touches at a time.
  • Easily Cleaned
    – Glass surface is damage-resistant and tolerant to chemical cleaning solutions.
  • Touch Sensitivity Adjustment
    – By sending simple commands, touch sensitivity is easily adjusted.

GT-1P Series