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EVKT-5416 Evaluation Kit


The EVKT-5416 is an evaluation kit for the MP5416, a complete power management IC, which integrates four high-efficiency, step-down, DC/DC converters, five low-dropout regulators, and flexible system configurations via I2C. The kit allows for quick evaluation of the PMIC and offers One-Time Programming (OTP) capabilities, which allow users to program custom configurations, supporting a wide range of designs.

  • EV5416 Evaluation Board (EV5416-R-00D)
  • Dongle with Accessories (EVKT-USBI2C-02)
  • USB to I2C Dongle
  • Ribbon Cable
  • USB Flash drive for installing GUI
  • 2 OTP MP5416 ICs (MP5416GR-CCCC)
  • USB thumb drive that stores GUI installation file and supplemental documents

9 Output, Digital PMIC in 4x4QFN with easy to use GUI

EV5416-R-00B Evaluation Kit

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