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BX3100 Development Kit

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The BX3100 is a low power, xSmall CF3 form factor, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 combo module. It comes preloaded with Sierra Wireless software including TCP/IP and Bluetooth stacks, and is ideal for developers who want to quickly and cost effectively integrate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality into their products. The BX3100 is meant for connection with an external antenna.

The BX3100 development kit is a small form factor evaluation board, powered by USB. It exposes all the modules Pin interfaces via headers. The BX3100 development kit has a UART to USB converter at 1Mb/s for direct connection of the UART to a PC.

  • Hostless: Integrated TCP/IP and Bluetooth Stacks
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.2, Dual-mode
  • Fraquency Band: 2.4GHz

BX310x Wifi & Bluetooth Combo

BX310x Product brief

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