Sensing Solution

  • Barcode Engine – Compact Decoded 2D Imager

The N3680 barcode scan engine is a fully decoded 2D imager that utilizes Honeywell decoding and imaging technology in our most compact design. It represents a balance between size, performance and ease of integration, providing an enhanced user experience.

The N3680 2D imager supports a wide variety of symbologies, including 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes. It also includes advanced features that support reading poorly-printed barcodes, and can read barcodes directly from smartphone screens. These attributes make the N3680 2D imager useful for reading: Mobile coupons / Loyalty cards/ Mobile tickets/ Paperless boarding passes / Barcode payment systems for mobile wallet applications.


  • Bluetooth Ring Scanner – JBR-9Z01 Barcode Scanner

Jorjin’s JBR-9Z01 bluetooth ring scanner features wearable design that gives users freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks comfortably while keeping both hands free.

Featuring a superior scan engine, JBR-9Z01 is available to scan most 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone. The Bluetooth® 4.2 and NFC technology delivers the most efficient way to pair with smart phone and tablets with just a touch. Moreover, the wireless technology keeps the scanner connected up to 10 m (30 ft) from the computer, increasing productivity by allowing workers to move to the task. The JBR-9Z01 can be utilized with an auto mode that ensures no data is lost while it is out of range of the
wireless signal, also upload the data to the back-end system automatically when it gets back in range, allowing users to complete their tasks without interruption.

Whether you prefer left or right-handed operation, users can instantly switch between right and left hand operation with the special one push rotate design. It improves productivity in your operations with the wearable technology.


  • mmWave Radar – Industrial Diagnostic & Environmental Monitoring

MT5A61E01K is a 77G mmWave sensor application kit which combines TI’s industrial IWR1642 single-chip radar technology with Jorjin’s advanced antenna design capabilities. The sensor provides a good solution for various industrial applications, designed for ultra-accuracy, self-monitoring, and low-power consumption.

MT5A61E01K operates on a specialized band, which is 77 to 81GHz. It includes an ARM Cortex-R4F processor and a 2TX 4RX antenna system with specific SDK to satisfy diverse applications, for areas such as environment monitoring, factory automation, facility inspection & maintenance, object or personnel detection, or personal health care.

Jorjin’s MT5A61E01K provides a full-featured evaluation kit for rapid application development, for building proof-of-concept prototypes. Jorjin also has a 60GHz ISM band mmWave radar, which is a competitive design more geared towards indoor applications.


  • Tracker – Low-Power Asset Tracking

Jorjin’s Asset Tracker operates in all Sigfox regions (worldwide). It provides an extreme energy performance because of an ultra-rugged industrial design, withstanding even the harshest conditions.

Fully autonomous sensors, that are battery-powered and no cables requirement, will keep you up-to-date information regarding the location and usage of your assets. The energy-efficiency of our tracker application is guaranteed by combining the different geolocation technologies like GPS, WiFi, BLE and transmission via an LPWAN.

The Asset Tracker provides easy and instant deployment on your non-powered assets, allowing you to get insights, optimize processes and discover new business opportunities for your fleet of non-powered assets. Wherever you are, check where your assets are located at a certain point in time.