High-End ISM Modules

High-End ISM Modules

Multichannel, Telecommand & Audio Data Transmitter, Receiver & Transceiver Modules

High quality and robust modules manufactured in Japan. Multichannel transmitters, receivers and transceivers ideal for wireless applications within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) markets where optimum performance and resistance to interference are key to requirements. These modules are designed for reliability and are suited to serious telemetry, control and data transfer applications.

Data Transmitter & Receiver Modules

Transmitter & Receiver ISM Modules

433-434MHz multichannel, narrowband, transmitter & receiver modules with either 4 or 32 channels. For industrial remote control, security, alarms, telemetry, monitoring and asset tracking.

Remote Switching Modules

Industrial Remote Control Modules

High quality, robust simplex link transmitter & receiver modules with 6 input / outputs (CDT-TX/RX-02M-R radio unit) & a compact, embedded NK-2.4Y transceiver with 8 switching channels.



Audio Transmitter & Receiver

863-865MHz UHF ISM Audio Modules

European (863-865MHz), multichannel, audio transmitter & receiver modules with CE and ROHS compliance, suitable for audio guiding, conference systems and audio transmissions.



Data Transceivers

ISM Data Transceiver Modules for Telemetry Systems

The DSSS transceiver module and the miniature narrowband STD-601 modules are suited for rugged, noisy, industrial environments. Typical applications include Industrial Telecontrol & Telemetry Systems.