Evaluation Tools

 Evaluation Tools for RF Design, Development & Testing

Our development and Evaluation Kits allow for quick and easy design and testing of your wireless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh network application.

easyRadio Arduino Development Kits are either compatible with Arduino or are Arduino based. Our Pi Dongles are compatible with Raspberry Pi and our Mesh Evaluation Kits are for applications requiring a mesh network.

eRIC Evaluation & Development Kits

eRIC RF Evaluation & Development Kits

The eRIC Breakout Boards and Development Kits facilitate quick and easy testing and evaluation of eRIC radio modules.

easyRadio USB RF Dongles

Pi Compatible easyRadio USB Dongles for RF Testing & Design

Pi Compatible USB RF Dongles are available with either an eRA or eRIC modules for world markets.

EasyRadio Arduino™ Evaluation Kits

Arduino Kits, Compatible Shields and the eRIC Nitro

easyRadio Arduino Evaluation and Development Kits either feature or are Arduino compatible.

Mesh Evaluation & Development Kits

Kits for Point-to-Multipoint & Mesh Networks

Low cost, low-power, reliable wireless network connectivity for use in telemetry, industrial control and building automation.