802.11 abgn Wi-Fi/Dual Mode BT4.0/Zigbee

Redpine Chipset Overview

Redpine offers high performance and low cost chipsets for 802.11abgn Wi-Fi, dual-mode BT 4.0, and Zigbee. These chipsets incorporate a proprietary ultra low power multi-threaded layer-2 processor for efficient protocol handling, high performance MAC and Baseband, and advanced CMOS dual-band RF and PA. Redpine’s chipset solutions are ideal for cost efficient, high volume applications offering systems developers wireless high performance and ultra low power wireless connectivity.


The RS9110 Lite-Fi™ chipset incorporates a proprietary ultra low power multi-threaded layer-2 processor that not only provides a unique degree of protocol handling within the silicon but also provides a power-efficient offload of some critical layer-3 functionality. Combined with Redpine’s CMOS 2.4/5 GHz RF and PA, the chipset delivers a cost effective dual band Wi-Fi solution The RS9110’s multi-threaded processor exploits the inherent characteristics of layer-2 MAC protocol characteristics to reduce power and code size. In addition, the Lite-Fi™ family of devices incorporates hardware assists for layer-3 tasks, such as TCP checksum and security processing, including AES, 3DES, SHA-1 and RNG. The results are further reductions in power dissipation and host processor overhead for fixed mobile convergence applications. The RS9110 Lite-Fi device incorporates advanced power management circuitry along with an integrated & fully calibrated 32 kHz oscillator.


The RS9113 M2MCombo chipset is a fully self-contained wireless solution, providing 2.4/5.0 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee integration with no requirement of any part of the protocols to run on a host processor,and with Redpine’s CMOS 2.4/5 GHz RF and PA, delivers a cost effective chipset solution for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications. The chipset saves manufacturers time and money by accelerating product introduction time by removing challenges involved in solving multiple wireless co-existence issues. Redpine also provides a complete reference design and development environment for creating applications using the new chipset, and offers an easy-to-use development kit with a USB interface. Devices and systems use ZigBee, Wi-Fi, BT and other wired means to communicate, with gateways and hubs offering multiple protocols and providing the link between the devices and cloud systems through the internet. As a convergence device, RS9113 maintains connections on some or all interfaces – Wi-Fi, BT 2.1+EDR, BT 3.0, BT 4.0, and ZigBee – presenting a virtual simultaneous multi-protocol connectivity, a key feature to create a device which can be deployed in legacy and new wireless environments.