RF Communication Solutions

Evaluation Tools

 Evaluation Tools for RF Design, Development & Testing

Our development and Evaluation Kits allow for quick and easy design and testing of your wireless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh network application.

easyRadio Arduino Development Kits are either compatible with Arduino or are Arduino based. Our Pi Dongles are compatible with Raspberry Pi and our Mesh Evaluation Kits are for applications requiring a mesh network.

eRIC Evaluation & Development Kits

eRIC RF Evaluation & Development Kits

The eRIC Breakout Boards and Development Kits facilitate quick and easy testing and evaluation of eRIC radio modules.

easyRadio USB RF Dongles

Pi Compatible easyRadio USB Dongles for RF Testing & Design

Pi Compatible USB RF Dongles are available with either an eRA or eRIC modules for world markets.

EasyRadio Arduino™ Evaluation Kits

Arduino Kits, Compatible Shields and the eRIC Nitro

easyRadio Arduino Evaluation and Development Kits either feature or are Arduino compatible.

Mesh Evaluation & Development Kits

Kits for Point-to-Multipoint & Mesh Networks

Low cost, low-power, reliable wireless network connectivity for use in telemetry, industrial control and building automation.

High-End ISM Modules

High-End ISM Modules

Multichannel, Telecommand & Audio Data Transmitter, Receiver & Transceiver Modules

High quality and robust modules manufactured in Japan. Multichannel transmitters, receivers and transceivers ideal for wireless applications within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) markets where optimum performance and resistance to interference are key to requirements. These modules are designed for reliability and are suited to serious telemetry, control and data transfer applications.

Data Transmitter & Receiver Modules

Transmitter & Receiver ISM Modules

433-434MHz multichannel, narrowband, transmitter & receiver modules with either 4 or 32 channels. For industrial remote control, security, alarms, telemetry, monitoring and asset tracking.

Remote Switching Modules

Industrial Remote Control Modules

High quality, robust simplex link transmitter & receiver modules with 6 input / outputs (CDT-TX/RX-02M-R radio unit) & a compact, embedded NK-2.4Y transceiver with 8 switching channels.



Audio Transmitter & Receiver

863-865MHz UHF ISM Audio Modules

European (863-865MHz), multichannel, audio transmitter & receiver modules with CE and ROHS compliance, suitable for audio guiding, conference systems and audio transmissions.



Data Transceivers

ISM Data Transceiver Modules for Telemetry Systems

The DSSS transceiver module and the miniature narrowband STD-601 modules are suited for rugged, noisy, industrial environments. Typical applications include Industrial Telecontrol & Telemetry Systems.

LPRS Antennas, Cables & Connectors

SMA Connectors, Coaxial Cables, YAGI, Whip and Stubby Antennas

Our YAGI and Whip antennas are rugged and are well known for their reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments. YAGIs are ideal for fixed installations requiring long distance communications and are highly directional. Most of our antennas are of a smaller ¼ wave (apart from the YAGI antennas) without the performance being affected. Our Whip and Stubby Antennas are omni-directional.

Whip Antennas

Rugged Whip Antennas

For portable and fixed applications requiring omni-directional communications. Can be used with an unbalanced feed line such as coaxial cable, or attached directly to a wireless transceiver.

Stubby Antennas

Compressed Stubby Antennas

Suited for portable and fixed applications requiring omni-directional communications. A stubby antenna is similar to a whip antenna but is compressed to make it shorter.

YAGI Antennas

Directional YAGI Antennas

Directional, reliable, rugged antennas built for harsh outdoor environments. YAGIs are ideal for fixed installations requiring long distance communications.

Cables & Connectors

Antenna Accessories, Cables and Connectors

Antenna accessories include coaxial cables, U.FL cables, SMA connectors and Jack End connectors. All products are ROHS compliant.

LPRS easyRadio Modules

LPRS easyRadio Modules

easyRadio Transmitter, Receiver, Transceiver, LPWAN Modules eRA (easyRadio Advanced) through-hole, longer-range, narrowband transceivers / transmitters and the lower-cost intelligent eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller) SMD transceiver modules.

eRIC SMD Module Family

easyRadio SoC RF Modules – Transceivers

Lower-cost, intelligent, easy to program radio sub-system; a high performance System-on-Chip RF transceiver. Variants include Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi Point and LPWAN Sigfox / LoRa.


eRA Through Hole Modules

easyRadio Advanced RF Transceiver & Transmitter Modules

Mid-range, narrowband, through-hole module with back compatible pin configuration. easyRadio 02 users can easily upgrade to eRA module versions.




eRA-LoRa Through Hole Modules

eRA Long-Range RF Transceiver Modules

A hybrid of LoRa™ technology and easyRadio Advanced technology for applications requiring long-range communications.



easyRadio Evaluation Kits

Development & Evaluation Kits for Testing with easyRadio Modules

easyRadio development kits compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Mesh evaluation kits for applications requiring a mesh network.

LPRS Sensors

LDR & Vibration Sensors, Ultrasonic Transducers

Our range of sensors includes: LDRs (light dependent resistors), self-sustaining vibration sensors using multiple cantilever-type piezoelectric bimorphs with different resonant frequencies; and low and high output-powered ultrasonic transducers and transceivers in piezoelectric ceramic, polymer and electrostatic configurations.

Light Sensors

Light Dependent Photo Resistors, Photo Cells

Small, cost-effective, low-power, easy to use and highly durable sensors & photo resistors for light sensing applications.

Vibration Sensors

LFS Piezo Bimorph Vibration Sensors

Self-sustaining vibration sensors using multiple cantilever-type piezoelectric bimorphs with different resonant frequencies.

Ultrasonic Transducers

40KHz Ultrasonic Transducer Sensors

Low and high output-powered 40KHz transducers and transceivers in piezoelectric ceramic, polymer and electrostatic configurations.

Mesh ISM Networks

Mesh Wireless Networks Transceivers

Our tiny intelligent electronic boards contain the complete circuitry needed to implement wireless networks for ISM applications. The transceivers are data controlled and programming is not needed but is possible in these modules. Offering hundreds of meters LoS (Line of Sight), they are easy to implement offering you a faster time to market.

Our RF kits build reliable wireless networks for use in telemetry, industrial building control, lighting control and building automation.

Mesh Transceivers

Mesh Network Transceiver Modules

Tiny intelligent electronic boards with the complete circuitry needed to implement wireless RF connectivity. Our range of mesh network transceiver modules operate in the 868MHz & 916MHz license free ISM frequency bands.