IoT Products

Cloud Services

Inhand features a wide spectrum of Cloud Services offering a simple plug & play service which builds secure remote networks for your IoT applications. It allows you to connect to remote sites via PC or mobile devices and your remote devices (PLCs, HMIs) can talk to each other within the secure private network. InConnect is a one-stop service includes server, client software and InHand VPN gateway.

Main features:

  • Very easy to setup by pre configuration available from Inhand
  • High Scalability Options
  • Advanced Security Options


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Edge Computing Gateway

Inhand offers the InGateway902, a High Performance, Multiple Industrial Protocols, Python Programming for Fast Custom IoT Development Gateway. It comes in a high-end and a basic version. Both are Microsoft Azure IoT and AWS IoT Greengrass qualified.


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Industrial Computers

Inhand features the The InBox, an Android Industrial Computer supporting high computing capabilities while at much lower cost and power consumption than the X86-based computing platforms. Multiple open APIs are available providing custom UI and application development.

Main features:


  • Freescale i.MX6 quad-core Cortex A9 processor
  • OpenGLES2.0 and OpenVG™1.1, 2D and 3D graphics acceleration
  • 1080P HD fullscreen video at 60 Hz
  • Industrial fanless design and low power consumption
  • Wide range of peripheral interfaces including RS-232 serial, USB and HDMI for an expansive hardware compatibility portfolio

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Industrial Modems

Inhand offers a series of Industrial Modems featuring rugged design, high reliability and easy-to-use features, These features make the Inhand Industrial Modems ideal for M2M and IoT applications including distribution automation, smart metering, water & wastewater, heating, street light monitoring and etc.

Main features:

  • Industrial-grade chip of ultra-low power consumption, adaptable to various power supply modes
  • Wide operating temperature: -40°C~70°C
  • Wide voltage input: 5~35VDC
  • Solid housing, IP30 protection
  • Compact-sized, easy to fit and integrate
  • CE, FCC certified


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Industrial Routers

Inhand offers a wide portfolio of Industrial routers. The specifications are shaped to provide highly-reliable, high-speed and secure communications for remote devices wherever they locate, helping enterprise customers achieve efficient large-scale network deployment and management. It is ideal for M2M and industiral IoT applications.

Main features:

  • 3G/4G/LTE Cat M1
  • Dual Sim
  • Wifi
  • VPN
  • Phyton Programming
    Certified for Microsoft Azure


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Industrial Switches

Inhand features a full line-up of industrial switches.


Main features are:


  • Managed/Unmanaged/Half Managed
  • Highly-reliable Advanced Communication Systems
  • Highly Rugged Industrial Switches available
  • Efficient Deployment and Management
  • Secure Networks Capability
  • Wide operating temperature: -40°C~+85°C
  • Solid aluminum alloy shell, IP40
  • Redundant power supply, power failure alarming
  • UL, CE, FCC, RCM certified

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Vehicle Gateway

Inhand offers the InVehicle G710 Gateway, a high-performance LTE vehicle-mounted gateway for vehicle environments. Designed specially for public security, transportation and telecommuting, the InVehicle G710 equips the vehicle environment with strong edge computing capacity and high-speed vehicle networking, and multiple ports and functions that enable flexible updates and expansion for vehicle applications. 

Main feature of the G710 are:

  • High Performance Vehicle Network Gateway
  • Powerful Data Processing
  • Flexible Development


More information about Inhand can be found here