USB and Serial Connectivity

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USB and Serial Connectivity Overview

USB and Serial Connectivity

Digi’s USB and serial network connectivity products enable access and monitoring of USB and serial devices over a TCP/IP Ethernet network. Whether your goal is expansion or conversion, our USB and serial network connectivity products are designed to deliver maximum performance with the ease and convenience of plug and play functionality. Our superior line of USB hubs, sensors, USB over IP Hubs, USB over Serial Hubs are tested and ready for use in a variety of fields and sectors, including industrial, energy, medical and transportation that works every time. Applications cover a broad spectrum, from fleet management and manufacturing automation to branch office networking, heavy machinery and more.

USB Hubs

USB Hubs

Switched USB expansion hubs.


Switched USB Expansion Hubs.

  • Industrial USB 2.0 hubs
  • Switched USB for maximum performance on all ports
  • 4 or 7 ports in a compact plastic or metal chassis



Switched USB Expansion Hubs.

  • Four 56K V.92 USB modems in a single chassis
  • Easily add USB modems to a PC, server or thin client
  • Combine existing modem lines into a Windows® modem pool
USB over IP Hubs

USB over IP Hubs

Access and monitor USB devices over a TCP/IP network .


Network-Attached USB Hubs.

  • SSL encryption to protect data
  • Access and monitor USB and serial devices over TCP/IP network
  • Excellent in virtualized environments such as VMware®
USB over Serial Hubs

USB over Serial Hubs

USB-to-serial converters.


USB-to-Serial Converters.

  • Add 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 serial ports to a PC or thin client in minutes
  • RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial ports (software selectable)
  • USB plug-n-play alternative to PCI cards
USB Sensors

USB Sensors

USB Security and Monitoring Solutions.

Watchport® Sensors

USB Environment Monitoring Solutions.

  • Plug and Play USB sensors for remote monitoring
  • Preempt damage to equipment and facilities, reduce downtime
  • Software included for device status, data logging and alerts