LED Arrays


Light transforms a space, and our popular BXRA3 Series creates that experience with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. These compact LED sources are easily designed into a wide range of directional and diffuse applications, providing the superior light demanded for applications such as retail and residential.

Décor Series

Bridgelux Décor Series is designed specifically for high-end premium applications, producing unmatched LED light quality with brilliant color-rendering options. Light and color are powerful mediums that influence well-being, and Décor Series LEDs offer pleasing LED lighting palettes that inspire behavior.


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H Series

H Series is our ultra-high lumen density COB product line, designed for high intensity spot lights used in retail and commercial settings.

H Series arrays replace ceramic metal halide lamps by providing equal or greater center beam candle power (CBCP) at higher efficiency and at twice the lifetime. Their tight beam control and exceptional quality of light is well suited for showcase grade directional spot applications.


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V Series

V Series is a cost-effective light engine that extends the technology and performance of our successful Vero® Series line.  Featuring highly-efficient lumen ouput in small source-size packages, V Series arrays are best for commercial and residential lighting applications where cost and quality are essential.  With the V Series platform, you get high-quality lighting products at a competitive price.


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Vero SE is a state-of-the-art COB solution with revolutionary advancements in LED integration technology. Vero SE’s innovative light source system integrates Bridgelux’s seventh generation COB technology with poke-in wire connectivity that enables solder free installation. Vero SE LED light sources streamline assembly processes, lower manufacturing cost, simplify luminaire design, improve light quality and increase design flexibility.

Vero SE poke-in connectivity simplifies manufacturing and assembly processes by eliminating the need to solder. Secondary connector and holder components are not required, allowing for rapid integration of arrays into fixtures and an efficient field replaceable solution.


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Vero Series

Vero Series is our flagship LED array product with Bridgelux technology that gives customers a competitive advantage. Vero simplifies luminaire design and manufacturing by integrating a holder into the array, along with a port for a wire harness, so soldering is not required.

Vero Chip on Board (COB) LED arrays are available in four LES configurations, engineered to enable new degrees of flexibility and reliability over a broad range of electrical currents. The platform delivers high lumen density for exceptional beam control and precision lighting, along with 2 and 3 SDCM color control standard for clean, uniform illumination.


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