ProSLIC Voice Solutions

The ProSLIC® family of subscriber line interface circuits (SLICs) provides complete analog telephone interfaces ideal for customer premise equipment (CPE), enterprise and central office applications. These highly-integrated SLICs offer global compliance using a single hardware design and bill-of-materials while reducing the PCB size and cost per channel.

Family # of Channels Interface Max Vbat (V) Lower-Cost Capacitive Boost dc-dc Controller Option Smart Ringing Package Size (mm) Package Type
Next Generation Si3218x Single-Chip ProSLICs NEW Single PCM or ISI -106 Yes No 5 x 6
6 x 6
Next Generation Si3228x Dual-Chip ProSLICs NEW Dual ISI
-106 Yes Yes 7 x 7
8 x 8
Si3217x Single-Chip ProSLICs Single PCM or ISI -140 No No 5 x 7 LGA42
Si3226x Single-Chip Dual ProSLICs Dual PCM or ISI -140 No No 6 x 8
8 x 8
Si3239x Analog Interface ProSLICs Dual or Single Analog -136 No No 6 x 6 QFN48
Voice Codec

Si3000 Voice Codecs

The Si3000 is a complete solution for voice I/O such as handsets in multi-function printers. It can be connected directly to any high-speed, ISOmodem system-side chip to support a telephone handset. An extended AT command set is available to control the Si3000.
In addition to a codec (A/D, D/A), the device integrates a microphone preamplifier, three-input mixer, +12.5 to –34.5 dB of programmable gain, headphone/speaker driver, and an integrated handset hybrid for direct connection to a two-wire telephone handset. Programmable gain and attenuation settings are available on both the A/D converter and the D/A converter signal paths with 1.5 dB step resolution. Programmable gain/attenuation is implemented using a zero crossing technique to enable “click-free” level transitions. Operation from a single +5 V or a single +3.3 V power supply makes the device suitable for low power portable applications.

Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Package Type Microphone Amplifier Headphone Driver Handset Hybrid
SOIC16 Yes Yes Yes
Voice DAA

Voice DAAs – Si3050 + Si3011/18/19

The Si3050 IC extends the market-leading performance of Silicon Labs’ Silicon Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) products into the voice telephony market.
The small-footprint chipset consists of a 20-pin Si3050 (TSSOP) system-side device and either the 16-pin Si3019 (TSSOP) or the 16-pin Si3018 (SOIC) line-side device. The solution utilizes Silicon Labs’ patented capacitive isolation technology that uses low-cost, high voltage capacitors instead of a costly and bulky transformer. The Si3050 contains both a PCM highway/SPI interface for most standard telephony applications as well as a GCI interface for customers with legacy requirements.

Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Package Type Host Interface Line Voltage Monitor BOM Components AC Termination Settings
SOIC16; TSSOP20 + SOIC8 GCI; PCM/SPI Yes 32 4; 16