Humidity & Temperature

Single-Chip Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Silicon Labs’ Si70xx state of the art relative humidity and temperature sensors utilize proven techniques for measuring humidity using polymer dielectric film along with CMOS mixed signal integrated circuits. These monolithic ICs combine fully calibrated humidity and temperature sensing elements, an I²C or PWM interface and on-chip signal conditioning into a compact, rugged and reliable package.
Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Family Description RH Accuracy Max (RH) Temp Accuracy Max (C) Package Type
Si7007/22/23 Dig RH + Temp Sensor with PWM Output ±3%, ±4%, ±5% ±0.4, ±1 DFN6
Si7006/13/20/21/34 Dig I2C RH + Temp Sensor ±3%, ±4%, ±5% ±0.4, ±1 DFN10, DFN6, QFN6
Si7015 Not Rec for New Designs – Use Si7020 ±4.5% ±1 QFN24
Si7005 Not Rec for New Designs – Use Si7020 ±4.5% ±1 QFN24


Si705x Digital Temperature Sensors with I2C Interface

The Si705x Digital Temperature Sensors offer industry-leading low power consumption and high accuracy across the entire operating voltage and temperature range. These monolithic CMOS ICs feature a band-gap temperature sensor element, an analog-to-digital converter with up to 14-bit resolution, signal processing, calibration data, and an I2C interface. The patented use of novel signal processing and analog design enables the sensors to maintain their accuracy over a wide temperature and voltage range, while consuming very little current.
The Si705x devices are fully factory-calibrated and are available in a 3×3 mm DFN package. The industry-standard I2C interface can operate at up to 400 kHz. Requiring just 195nA of average current when sampled once per second, the Si705x can operate for several years with just a single coin cell battery.
Si705x Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Description Temp. Accuracy typ (°C) Temp. Accuracy max (°C) Temperature Range (°C) Package Type
Digital I2C Temperature Sensor ±0.5 ±1.0 -40 to 125 DFN6
Digital I2C Temperature Sensor ±0.1 ±0.1 36 to   41 DFN6
Digital I2C Temperature Sensor ±0.2 ±0.3 -40 to   125 DFN6
Digital I2C Temperature Sensor ±0.3 ±0.4 -40 to  125 DFN6
Digital I2C Temperature Sensor ±0.4 ±0.5 -40 to  125 DFN6
Optical Sensors

Optical Sensor IC Devices

Silicon Labs’ optical sensor family enables sensing of UV Index, ambient light, long range proximity, heart rate/pulse oximetry and motion with 2D or 3D gestures. For standalone proximity detection applications where an analog output is required, the Si1120 and Si1102 operate without the need for an I²C interface.

Family Description UV Index Ambient Light Sensor LED Drivers Proximity Package Type
Si1153 Optical Sensor, Improved Daylight Performance No Yes 0, 1 LGA Module, QFN10
Si1133 UV Sensor, Improved performance Yes Yes 0 QFN10
Si1120 Proximity + Ambient Light Sensor No Yes 1 Motion Sensing DFN8
Si1102 Proximity Sensor No No 1 DFN8