Motion Controllers

Digital Drives

Stand-alone drives deliver intelligence and power in a compact package!


Performance Motion Devices digital drives are ideal for medical, scientific, robotic, and automation applications that demand the ease of use and power that only cable-connected drives can deliver. PMD drives provide a full complement of motion control features including profile generation, servo-loop closure, commutation, direct quadrature encoder input, and extensive safety and performance monitoring features.


These single-axis drives support Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors and allow you to download and run a complete C-language program directly onto the drive. Additional features include general purpose digital and analog I/O, Serial, CANbus and Ethernet communication.


These compact, fully enclosed, stand-alone drives come in two overall power configurations, providing 500 Watts and 3,000 Watts of power amplification in a compact DIN-mountable drive package.


The ION® 500 and 3000 Digital Drives provide high-performance motion control, network connectivity, and power amplification for Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors.


Ion Digital Drive
Motion Control Boards

Prodigy Motion Boards

Prodigy® Motion Boards provide high-performance board-level motion control for scientific, automation, industrial, and robotic applications. Available in PCI, PC/104, stand-alone, and machine controller configurations, these boards support multiple motor Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors, and are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis configurations. Programmable versions of the board include PMD’s C-Motion Engine (CME) that allows user code to run directly on the board, off-loading the system host or enabling stand-alone operation.


Based on PMD’s industry-leading Magellan® Motion Processor, our boards provide user-selectable profile modes including S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring, and electronic gearing with on-the-fly parameter change. Servo loop compensation utilizes a full 32-bit position error, PID with velocity and acceleration feedforward, integration limit and dual biquad filters for sophisticated control of complex loads. The Machine controller version has on-card Atlas amplifiers that eliminate the need for external amplifiers along with enhanced analog and digital I/O.


Included with every Prodigy Motion Board, the Pro-Motion GUI makes it easy to set up and analyze system parameters and motion performance. PMD’s C-Motion and VB-Motion libraries simplify the program development process and allow the use of industry standard C/C++ or Visual Basic programming languages.



  • Uses PMD’s advanced Magellan Motion Processor
  • PCI, PC/104, stand-alone, and machine-controller configurations
  • Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis configurations
  • Supports DC Brush, Brushless DC, and step motors
  • S-curve, trapezoidal, electronic gearing, and velocity-contouring
  • PC/104 (ISA), PCI-bus, Ethernet, CANbus, or serial communications
  • Advanced PID filter with feedforward and dual biquad filters
  • High-speed loop rate: 50 μsec/axis Up to 256 microsteps per full step resolution
  • Incremental quadrature and Absolute SSI encoder support
  • Includes Pro-Motion®, C-Motion®, and VB-Motion® development software
  • 6-step commutation and field oriented control modes
  • High-precision 16-bit DAC or PWM amplifier output
  • General purpose digital I/O and analog I/O
  • Two directional limit switches, plus high-speed index, and home inputs per axis


Programmable C-Motion Engine Versions

  • Board-level execution of C-Motion code
  • Downloaded user application code runs at 96 MIPs
  • C-Motion Engine development tools


Machine Controller Version

  • On-board high-performance Atlas amplifiers
  • Extensive fault detection including over & undervoltage, motor short, and overtemp
  • Up to 1KW peak output power per axis
  • Single voltage supply drives motors and board logic


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Prodigy/CME Machine Controller
       Prodigy Motion Boards
Motion Control ICs

The Magellan® Family of Motion Control ICs provides high-performance chip-based motion control for multiple motor types. Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis versions, these flexible and programmable devices control Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors. Magellan ICs are designed for demanding applications such as medical automation, general automation, and scientific instrumentation. They can be used directly in your own control board designs, or via PMD’s module, drive, and board products, where they form the motion control core of each of these devices.


Magellan Family of Motion Control ICs Datasheet


Magellan Family of Motion Control ICs offered:

  • Magellan® MC58113

Third-generation positioning motion controller with current control for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors in a compact single-axis IC package.


Electrical Specifications



  • Magellan® MC58000

Third-generation positioning motion controller for Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors in a compact one- to four-axis IC chipset package.

MC58000 Electrical Specifications



  • Magellan® MC55000

Third-generation positioning motion controller for step motors in a compact one- to four-axis IC chipset package.

 MC55000 Electrical Specifications




Motion Control Modules

Solder high performance and safety right onto your board!

Looking for high power output functionality with an advanced digital current loop and amplification, in an ultra-compact module? Performance Motion Devices solderable drive and amplifier modules are your turnkey solution.

A small footprint and robust control features provide maximum packaging and design flexibility. High efficiency FETs in the amplifier stage allow for incredibly low heat generation and ultra-compact packaging. And digital checksum functionality enables your device to respond safely and intelligently to invalid or random inputs – dangers against which conventional analog drives offer no protection.


The ultra-compact Atlas® Digital Amplifier provides single-axis high-performance torque control of Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors. Use it for direct control of motor torque or in conjunction with higher-level controllers for velocity or positioning applications.


Atlas family Datasheet
Motion Device Developer's Kits

For all Performance Motion Devices Developer Kits do exist. Since the nature of the technology please contact Alcom specialists to help you starting up your design!

Motion Device Development Software

Simplify, simplify – with robust, up-to-date tools

All Performance Motion Devices products come with our leading-edge software tools designed to simplify and streamline your development work. Continuously updated with the latest motion control techniques, analysis, and algorithms, our robust software supports all of the latest PMD technology features. Please contact Alcom specialists to start up with the software seamlessly.