Optical Networking

OTN or Optical Transport
OTN or Optical Transport

The Optical Transport Network (OTN) defined in ITU-T G.709 is the default protocol that underpins today’s DWDM packet optical transport networks. Two generations of OTN have already been widely deployed: OTN1.0, which was based on 10G WDM transport; and OTN2.0, which enabled the transition to 100G metro OTN switched networks and is the de facto standard in networks today.DIGI-G5Built for the cloud and 5G data transport era.


OTN processor supports the transition to 400G line cards in OTN switched metro networks


The META-DX1 family devices are multi-purpose Ethernet MACs/PHYs that support 1GE to 400GE, OTN retiming, MACsec and FlexE, and can be used in Transponder and Muxponder applications.


Microsemi’s latest multi-rate Ethernet/OTN framer for routers extends OTN to the router, enabling a single management layer between optical transport and routing networks, resulting in lower operating costs and improved service availability for network operators.


Multi-Service OTN Processors


Microsemi offers the industry’s most highly integrated OTN processors, featuring our award-winning DIGI franchise, delivering optimized power and footprint that uniquely addresses WDM transponders and muxponders, OTN switching platforms, data center interconnect (DCI), as well as OTN mobile fronthaul.

OTN processor, enables packet optical transport platforms to triple in capacity while slashing power consumption by 50 percent per port.


PM6010 DIGI-G5
1.2 Tbps with 400GE, FlexE, and FlexO Multi-Service OTN Processor


PM5990 DIGI-G4
2x 100G / 5x 40G / 20x 10G Multi-Service OTN Processor


PM5440 DIGI-120G
1x 100G / 3x 40G / 12x 10G Multi-Service OTN Processor


PM5980 DIGI-100GX
1x 100G / 2x 40G / 10x 10G Multi-Service OTN Processor


PM5441 DIGI-60G
6x 10G / 40G Multi-Service OTN Processor


PM5450 HyPHY-20GFlex
2x 10G + 16x SFP Any-Port, Any-Rate, and Any-Service ODU0/Flex-Channelized OTN Processor with Integrated SONET/SDH Framer/Mapper and Carrier Ethernet Transport


PM5456 HyPHY-10GFlex
1x 10G + 8x SFP Any-Port, Any-Rate, and Any-Service ODU0/Flex-Channelized OTN Processor with Integrated SONET/SDH Framer/Mapper and Carrier Ethernet Transport










Carrier Ethernet/OTN PHYs


The META family of router PHY devices enables high density Ethernet and OTN line cards on carrier routers and Ethernet switches, as well as packet optical transport equipment.


PM6110 META-DX1 Family
Ethernet MAC/PHYs supporting 1GE-400GE, MACsec, FlexE, 1588/PTP, Retiming, Gearbox, Hitless 2:1 Mux, Crosspoint


PM5992 META-240G
High-Capacity 24x10G / 6x40G / 2 x 100G Converged Ethernet/OTN Framer


PM5984 META-120GX
High-Capacity 12x10G / 3x40G / 1 x 100G Converged Ethernet/OTN Framer


PM5422 META 20G
2x10G Carrier Ethernet/OTN/POS/WAN Data Wrapper



Mobile Fronthaul


Microsemi has two OTN-based mobile fronthaul solutions:


DIGI Mobile Fronthaul Solution:


  • Optimized for CPRI Option 5 and 7 into 100G OTU4
  • Supports CPRI, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, and 100GE
  • Supports optional link security
  • Based on PM5990 DIGI-G4 and PM5980 DIGI-100GX


HyPHY Mobile Fronthaul Solution:


  • Optimized for CPRI Option 3 into 10G OTU2
  • Supports CPRI 1-5, 100M, GE, and 10GE
  • Supports optional link security
  • Based on PM5450 HyPHY 20Gflex and PM5456 HyPHY 10Gflex


OTN Timing

Microsemi offers the widest portfolio of single chip devices delivering “any rate, any port, all the time” performance for the Optical Transport Network. A unique two stage architecture in Microsemi ClockCenterTM devices can accept, filter and generate any client frequency rate to support any communication service over optical networks.

Optical Ethernet

Microsemi’s versatile selection of low pin count, low power Ethernet MAC Framers and Ethernet over SONET Mappers connect directly to optics through an internal SERDES and provide on chip data recovery and clock synthesis.


Optical Ethernet Framers:

  • PM5984 META-120GX
  • PM5992 META-240G


Ethernet Controllers:

  • PM5422 META 20G
  • PM3393 S/UNI 1x10GE XP


Ethernet-Over-SONET/SDH Mappers:

  • PM5397 ARROW 2xGE
  • PM5329 ARROW 24xFE
  • PM5333 ARROW 8xFE
  • PM4390 ARROW M8xFE

Optical Modulator Drivers

Microsemi offers optical modulator driver amplifiers for 100G / 200G optical transceivers used in long-haul, metro, and data center applications.


Quad Channel 28Gbaud EML Driver Amplifier, 100Gbps Ethernet Client Applications.


Quad Channel 32Gbaud Linear and Limiting Modulator Driver Amplifier for 100G / 200G Coherent Applications


(OA3HMQDDL) Quad Channel 32Gbaud Linear and Limiting Modulator Driver Amplifier for 100G / 200G Coherent Applications


WinPath Network Processors

Microsemi’s WinPath network processors family is purposely designed and optimized for access networks and applications. Its programmable data plane and customizable networking software allow seamless migration towards SDN.

  • Programmable data path
  • SDN/OpenFlow compatible
  • Balanced & symmetric architecture
  • Hardware accelerators including IPSec
  • Internal SRAM and external DDR3 SDRAM


Microsemi is the world’s #1 provider of fiber access SoCs with interoperable end-to-end solutions for all PON protocols. Our solutions combine innovation and reliability to deliver astonishingly fast Internet access with simultaneous high-definition IPTV and voice-over-IP services.



  • PAS65xx EPON ONU
  • PAS6301 EPON ONU



  • pAS5211 GPON OLT
  • PAS740x GPON ONT SoC


Network Processors:

  • WinPath


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