Drivers, Interfaces, and PCIe Switches

Drivers, interfaces, & PCIe switches
PCI Express® (PCIe)

  • Switchtec PFX, PFX-I & PFX-L Fanout PCI Express® Switches
  • Switchtec PSX Storage PCI Express® Switches
  • Switchtec PAX Gen3 Advanced Fabric PCIe Switches
  • Signal Redriver for PCI Express® Gen3
  • Clock Synthesis for PCI Express® Gen 3
Position Sensors

  • Inductive Sensors for mechanical motion
  • Linear, angular, rotation, proximity
  • 2Ksps, 12-bit




Line Drivers

  • G.Fast Line Drivers
  • Optical Modulator Drivers
  • PLC Line Drivers
  • xDSL Line Drivers
Signal Conditioners

  • Multi-protocol redrivers and retimers up to 16 Gbps
  • Per input autonomous CTLE/DFE Equalization/Gain
  • Per output Pre-Emphasis/Drive level adjustment

Digital Crosspoint Switches

  • Multi-protocol up to 56 Gbps
  • Non-blocking switch core
  • Per input Equalization/Gain
  • Per output Pre-Emphasis/Drive level adjustment
Darlington Transistor Arrays

  • 8 or 7 Darlington Transistors per Array
  • Up to 500mA Collector Current
  • Up to 95V Output Voltage
  • Available in MIL-STD-883 and Space level


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