Audio & Voice

Audio and Voice


Audio Processing

The Timberwolf Audio Processor is ideal for a broad range of applications including smart home devices, smart speakers, set-top-boxes, televisions, security cameras and sound monitoring IoT sensors.


  • Caller ID
  • DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) Receivers
  • DTMF (DualTone Multiple Frequency) Transceivers
  • Digital Subscriber Network Interface Circuit
Voice Line Circuits (SLICs)

Microsemi’s subscriber line interface circuits (SLIC) provide an economical solution for adding voice channels to broadband applications such as residential broadband gateways, DSL IADs, cable eMTAs, FTTX, and Fixed LTE applications. These SLICs support ringing and system power management, enabling energy efficient control of telephone lines and meeting the European Code of Conduct (CoC) specifications.

  • Line Circuits for Short Loop FXS Applications such as Residential Broadband Gateways
  • Line Circuits for High Density and Long Loop FXS Applications
  • Legacy Chip Sets (Not Recommended For New FXS Designs)
Line Card Echo Cancellers

Microsemi’s Voice Echo Cancellers implement a cost effective solution for telephony voice-band echo cancellation, conforming to applicable industry standards.

Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) Analog Pre-amplifiers

A microphone pre-amplifier prepares a microphone signal to be processed by another IC, that typically would process the audio signal. Pre-amplifiers increase a microphone signal to line-level providing stable gain while preventing noise that could distort the signal. Microsemi offers a broad Microphone pre-amplifier ECM (Electret Condenser Microphone) Analog pre-amplifier product line.


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