High-speed Networking and Video




ARCNET has many characteristics that make it ideal for industrial and embedded networking environments. This is due to the deterministic nature of ARCNET, its high reliability and fault tolerance, and its adaptability to a wide variety of cabling media and configurations. Microchip is the market leader in ARCNET devices and has a full spectrum of solutions to meet any customer’s price and performance needs.

CircLink, an ARCNET derivative, further improves on the protocol by eliminating the need for external processor and is optimized as a wire-replacement technology inside industrial and commercial machines.


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Clock and Data Recovery ICs

Clock and Data Recovery


Microchip offers a family of Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) ICs for high-speed data signal cleaning and retiming in applications such as SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and Infiniband with data rates ranging from 28 Mbps to 2.7 Gbps.




  • Wide range of applications up to 2.7 Gbps
  • SONET/SDH/ATM, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband applications
  • Complies with Bellcore, ITU/CCITT and ANSI specifications


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CoaXPress is the new standard for high performance machine vision systems. CoaxPress is the state of the art method of connecting high performance machine vision cameras to Frame Grabbers or video servers.


CoaXPress operates over standard 75-ohm coax cable. It currently supports up to 6.25Gbit/s from the camera to the Frame Grabber. A lower bandwidth signal, up to 20Mbit/s for the control functions can be sent the other way over the same cable. Simultaneously, power is supplied over the coax – to power the camera. The CoaXPress standard allows for a number of cables to be used in parallel, for example, 4 cables offering 25Gbit/s image data streaming.

EqcoLogic’s CoaXPress transceivers – EQCO62R20 and EQCO62T20 support high performance CoaXPress links.


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Ethernet Devices

Ethernet Devices


The Microchip Ethernet portfolio is now expanded to include 10/100 Mbps and 10/100/1000 Mbps, Gigabit Transceivers along with 2 and 3 port Switches, integrated Ethernet controllers and USB to Ethernet bridge controllers.


USB-Ethernet Controllers


The USB to Ethernet connection takes advantage of the ubiquity and speed of USB, replacing older means of transferring information. USB-based networking technology offers a cost-effective and smart design alternative to traditional PCI/PCI-Express networking solutions due to the flexibility of routing and placement of Ethernet and USB connectivity ports. Microchip integrates Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and high-performance 10/100 Ethernet in its line of standalone USB to Ethernet controllers and USB to Ethernet Hub controllers.

  • Low-cost stand-alone 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Ethernet interface controller with integrated MAC and PHY
  • Connect to SOCs and MCUs through either serial or parallel interfaces
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USB-Ethernet Products


Ethernet Controllers


Microchip’s Ethernet 10/100 Controllers include an integrated Ethernet MAC and PHY with a high-performance SRAM-like slave interface as well as support for external MII and PCI interfaces. The simple, yet highly functional host bus interface provides a glue-less connection to most common 16-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers as well as 32-bit microprocessors with a 16-bit external bus. The controllers are also available with variable I/O voltages and multiple package options.

  • Low-cost stand-alone 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface controller with integrated MAC and PHY
  • Connects to MCUs through either serial or parallel interfaces


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Ethernet Controllers


Ethernet Switches


Microchip’s switches are high-performance, small-footprint, full-featured 3- to 9-port Ethernet switches. Applications ranging from IoT consumer electronics, computing, Industrie 4.0 factory automation, and automotive designs are supported with innovative features and robust high-temperature operation. Rapid development cycle and low-cost are enabled through our design check services and software drivers.


  • 10Base-T/100Base-TX with Two to Nine Ports
  • Standard RMII/MII or 8-/16-/32-bit Interfaces


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Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Transceivers


Microchip’s 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet PHYs are high-performance, small-footprint, low-power 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T transceivers designed specifically for today’s consumer electronics, industrial and enterprise applications. These devices feature Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) and Wake-On-LAN functionality, which provides system sleep modes for improved power savings. These devices have the industry’s smallest footprint and consume up to 40% less power than existing transceivers. They have an integrated voltage regulator and ESD protection components to help reduce Bill of Material (BOM) costs.
The LAN874XA family features deterministic loop back delay, assuring real-time system performance as well as cable diagnostics which reduce network installation costs.


  • 10Base-T/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet and 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
  • Robust and Reliable featuring Low-Power Modes
  • Small Packages with Industrial Temperature Support


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Ethernet Transceivers


Ethernet PIC MCUs


  • 8-bit Ethernet PIC MCUs
  • 32-bit Ethernet PIC MCUs


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Ethernet PIC MCUs



Microchip Licenses EtherCAT® Technology


Microchip strengthens its commitment to the industrial space with the licensing of the EtherCAT® technology for next generation Ethernet controllers. This licensing initiative demonstrates Microchip’s strategy for expansion of its industrial market presence with a continuing commitment of providing unique, leading edge products. Integration of the EtherCAT standard allows system developers to implement a high level of integration, flexibility and stability required to provide solutions for today’s evolving industrial market. With this licensing agreement, Microchip delivers the necessary IP coupled with its industrial Ethernet product portfolio and its long history of being a leading industrial supplier to deliver solutions that increase overall system efficiency and reduce system costs.


Product Overview
Ethernet Overview

Microchip’s Ethernet Portfolio


A wide range of remote communication features are possible when Ethernet connectivity is added to embedded designs. For example, it can enable end users to remotely monitor systems using a web browser or receive emails triggered by service alerts or low product inventory. It saves cost and time since they can centrally monitor, control and service their embedded systems over the internet instead of physically being there. Microchip’s Ethernet solutions are designed to support the growing needs of these markets with a full complement of robust, highly integrated Ethernet devices complemented by a full line of PIC32/SAM MCUs, and SAM MPU host processors.


Need to double your cable length up to 200 meters at full bandwidth? Try adding an Ethernet single-coax transceiver. Get started with the FastECoax7501.


Single Coax Transceiver    FastECoax7501
Ethernet PIC® MCUs

Ethernet PIC® MCUs


Microchip’s Ethernet solutions are designed to support the growing needs of the Ethernet connectivity markets with a full complement of robust, highly integrated Ethernet PIC® MCUs. Microchip’s PIC32MX6/7 and PIC32MZ product family offers 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC with industry standard MII and RMII interface to PHY with dedicated DMA for direct access to the entire system RAM. The solutions enable easy network connectivity for cost sensitive embedded designs by providing free and robust TCP/IP stack optimized for PIC MCUs.

PIC® Microcontrollers with MAC & PHY


  • PIC18F97J60
  • 128 KB Flash
  • 8 KB Ethernet Buffer

PIC Microcontrollers with MAC


PIC32MZ Family

  • Up to 252 MHz / 415 DMIPS
  • 64-144 pins, 1 MB-2 MB Flash with Live Update
  • FPU for fast single- and double-precision math
  • Ethernet with Crypto engine, Hi-Speed USB (Device/Host/OTG), CAN, EBI, SQI, I2S and more

PIC32MX6/7 Families

  • 80 MHz/131 DMIPS
  • 64-100 pins, up to 512 KB Flash
  • Ethernet available with CAN, USB, I2S and more

MAC Address Chips


  • Pre-Programmed, Globally Unique EUI-48™ MAC Address
  • Available in SPI, I²C and UNI/O® Bus
  • EUI-48 and EUI-64 compatible
  • Write protected codes
  • Additional MAC Address Information


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Fiber Optic Module Chipsets

Fiber Optic Module Controllers


Microchip offers a family of fiber optic module controllers which enable the implementation of sophisticated, hot-pluggable fiber optic transceivers with intelligent laser control and an internally calibrated digital diagnostic monitoring interface per SFF-8472. They essentially integrate all non-datapath functions of an SFP transceiver into a small package (3 x 3 mm or 4 x 4 mm). These controllers also work well as a microcontroller peripheral in transponders or 10 Gbps transceivers.


A highly configurable Automatic Power Control (APC) circuit controls laser bias. Bias and modulation are temperature compensated using dual DACs, an on-chip temperature sensor and NVRAM look-up tables. A programmable internal feedback resistor provides a wide dynamic range for the APC and power monitoring. Controlled laser safety features and turn-on facilitates hot plugging. The I2C- SMBus-compliant serial interface allows for the communication with the host MCU. The MIC3003 controller works over an extended temperature range.



  • Integrates all FOM modules, no data path functions
  • SFF-8472 MSA compliant
  • Easy module parameters settings, no programming required
  • Small package
  • Low power


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Video Transceivers, Equalizers and Sub-Systems

Data & Video Transceiver Solutions


Microchip is a technology leader in high speed data transmission over copper cables.
We make Equalizers to permit longer cables or higher data rates and also Transceivers that transmit bidirectional data and power over conventional coaxial cables.


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  • EQCO30R5
  • EQCO400T
  • EQCO62R20


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  • EQCO30T5 / EQCO30R5
  • EQCO62T20 / EQCO62R20
  • EQCO31T20 / EQCO31R20
  • EQCO850SC
  • EQCO875SC
  • EQCO850SC-HS
  • EQCO875SC-HS
  • EQCO1T6 / EQCO1R6


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Sub-system products


  • 1394b Coax Active Connectors – EQCO-FW5001 and EQCO-FW7501
  • CoaXPress® Evaluation Boards – EVB-DBSUB1584 and EVB-DBSUB1586
  • HD-SDI Repeater – EQCO-SDI30-7502
  • Fast Ethernet over Coax Modules – FastECoax-7501.2
  • SFP Module: Gigabit Ethernet over Coax – GIGABIT_ETHERNET_SFP


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Sub-systems products