Embedded Controllers and Super I/O

Desktop and Super I/O

Microchip Introduced Feature-Rich and Flexible Family of I/O Controllers Customized for Industrial and Embedded Computing Designers.

Desktop and Industrial Super I/O


  • Microchip’s Super I/O combines legacy functions (serial port, parallel ports, PS2) with hardware monitoring and general purpose I/O.



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Desktop and Industrial Super I/O Products


Legacy I/O Functions


  • Parallel Port
  • Serial Port
  • PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse interface
  • Floppy Disk Controller
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Fan Control


Advanced I/O Functions


  • Multiple GPIO
  • LPC interace
  • Timers
  • Flash memory interface
  • Real-Time Clocks
  • Security Key Register


Embedded and Keyboard Controllers

Embedded and Keyboard Controllers


Scalable family of embedded controllers with common peripheral blocks and registers. View product list.


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System Functions


  • Watchdog Timers (WDT)
  • Pulse Width Modulators (PWM)
  • Timers
  • Interrupt control
  • GPIO
  • Keyboard scan matrix
  • High-performance microcontroller


Typical Applications


  • Notebooks
  • Ultrabooks
  • Tablets
  • Convertibles
  • Keyboards
Embedded Controllers And Super I/O Overview

Making Motion Easy


Developing applications with motion/position sensors can require sophisticated knowledge and significant resources.


Because this can be difficult, Microchip has developed a solution that make it easy to design motion-based applications. The MM7150 motion module integrates Microchip’s SSC7150 motion coprocessor along with the 9-axis motion sensors. It comes pre-programmed with sophisticated sensor fusion algorithms which intelligently filter, compensate and combine the raw sensor data to provide highly accurate position and orientation information.


MM7150 Overview SSC7150 overview


Key Benefits


  • Motion coprocessors filter, compensate and fuse raw 9-axis sensor data – Improved system performance with smoother, faster and accurate orientation data
  • Self-calibrating over time – Improves estimates of orientation
  • Low power – Suitable for battery powered applications
  • Outputs position and motion data over standard I2C connection – Works with most MCUs with I2C
  • SSC7102 motion coprocessor Windows® 8.1 certification – Proven outputs


SSC7102 Overview

A complete set of tools is available to help get your design to market.


MM7150 Motion Module PICtail™Evaluation Board (AC243007)

The MM7150 Motion Module PICtail™/PICtail Plus Evaluation Board combines motion sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope) with a motion coprocessor with integrated sensor fusion to speed designs to market.


Explorer 16 Development Kit (DM240001)

The Explorer 16 platform is the primary development board for 16- and 32-bit products. Explorer 16 is supplemented by numerous application specific development boards to develop a complete solution.



Expansion and Legacy I/O

I/O Expansion and Legacy I/O


These integrated devices provide a broad range of features including traditional I/O, system and power management control.
Microchip offers a growing line of I/O expanders, ranging from 6 to 100+ input/output ports and are available in a variety of packages.

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  • Up to 101 GPIO pins
  • Thermal Management
  • Glue Logic
  • Fan Control


Typical Applications


  • Single Board Computers (SBC)
  • Industrial PCs (IPC)
  • Point-of-Sale Terminals (POS)
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
  • Network Gateway Devices
  • Print Servers
  • Gaming