Clock and Timing

Clock and Data Distribution

Clock and Data Distribution

Microchip offers one of the most extensive arrays of clock distribution product lines in the industry. Ranging from 2 to 22 outputs, they support differential (LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, CML) and single-ended CMOS outputs, and have a maximum clock rate of 7.0 GHz and data rate of 10.7 Gbps, with very low additive jitter.
Microchip’s clock distribution family consist of TCXO fanout buffers, crystal or reference input fanout buffers, signal translators, cross-point switches, high-performance clock dividers, receiver-buffer drivers, multiplexers, delay lines and logic gates.


Fan Out Buffers and Drivers


  • 2 to 22 outputs offered
  • Supports differential and single-ended solutions
  • Up to 7.0 GHz clock rate and 10.7 Gbps data rate

Zero-Delay Buffers


  • High performance: low skew, low jitter
  • Capable of distributing high speed and spread spectrum clocks

PCIe Buffers


  • Gen 1, 2, 3 compliant
  • 2 to 19 outputs

Multiplexers and Crosspoint Switches


  • Available in 2 x 2 mm , 4 x 4 mm packages
  • Dual 2 x 2 configurations up to 7 GHz with ultra-low jitter performance

Logic Translators


  • Supports clock or data rates to 7 GHz
  • Enable conversion from single-ended to differential

Skew Management


  • Programmable delay with fine tune control
  • Single or dual channels

Registers and Flip-Flops


  • Up to 9-bit hold/shift registers
  • Triple/Hex D flip-flops options


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Clock and Timing Overview

Clock and Timing


Our extensive clock and timing portfolio delivers a one-stop shop for your complex timing requirements. Our oscillator products offer both low-jitter and low-power configurable products with the option of choosing Quartz- or MEMS-based resonator products. The clock generation line offers online configurability, single-chip and multiple frequency clock tree solutions. Our clock and data distribution product line includes one of the industry’s largest portfolios of buffers, logic translators and multiplexers, rounding off the portfolio and extends a true total solution for clock and timing products to our customers.


With the right products, configuration tools and technical support, Microchip’s timing and communications products are ideal for all designs, ranging from simple- to high-performance systems.


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Clock Generation

Clock Generation


Microchip’s family of clock generators offers high configurability and ease of use so you can quickly solve timing challenges. Using our Clockworks® Configurator Tool, you can quickly create solutions accessing our broad product portfolio of multiple output, highly flexible, Quartz and MEMS single-chip clock generators for either low-power or low-jitter applications.


Ultra-Low Jitter


  • <200 fs phase Jitter
  • Up to 12 outputs
  • Up to 850 MHz
  • Online configurability

Low Jitter


  • <2 ps phase Jitter
  • Up to 4 outputs
  • Smallest form factor
  • Online configuration

Low Power (PL)


  • Up to 8 outputs
  • Quartz and MEMS solutions
  • High reliability
  • Extended temperatures

PCIe Clock Generators


  • PCIe Gen1, 2, 3 compliant
  • 1, 2, 4, 8 outputs
  • MEMS- or Crystal-based solutions

Clock Conditioning


  • Cleans deterministic jitter
  • EMI reduction
  • Online configuration

AnyRate® Clock Synthesizers


  • Correct frequency with FEC
  • Fractional synthesizers
  • Exceeds ITU jitter generation specification
  • Output up to 2 GHz



  • High pullability (±200 ppm)
  • Low phase jitter
  • Flexible frequency 750 kHz to 800 MHz
  • Low crystal input

555 Timers


  • Industry standard 555 timer
  • Wide input supply voltage (2.7–18V)
  • Low current (1 µA shutdown, 200 µA typical)
  • Timing microseconds to hours


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Microchip’s line of Quartz- and MEMS-based PureSilicon™ Oscillators are available in various industry-standard footprints. Using our Clockworks® Configurator Tool, you can quickly create solutions accessing our broad product portfolio of multiple output, highly flexible, Quartz and MEMS single-chip oscillators for supporting low-power or low-jitter applications.


Low-Power MEMS

  • Small package size
  • High reliability and tolerance to shock and vibration
  • Extended temperatures (–55 to +125°C)
  • AEC-Q100 qualified

Low-Jitter MEMS

  • High reliability and tolerance to shock and vibration
  • CMOS and differential output

Ultra-Low Jitter

  • Sub 200 fs phase noise (12 kHz to 20 MHz)
  • Up to 860 MHz
  • LVPECL/LVDS/HCSL/LVCMOS output format
  • Multiple (up to 5 diff/10 CMOS) ultra-low jitter outputs (MX85)

High-Frequency TCXO

  • ±2.5 ppm stability over temperature
  • LVPECL/LVDS/HCSL/LVCMOS output up to 860 MHz
  • Sub 200 fs phase noise (12 kHz to 20 MHz)
  • Multiple (up to 5 diff/ 10 CMOS) ultra-low jitter outputs (MXT85)

Multi-Output Oscillators

  • <2 ps phase jitter
  • Up to four outputs
  • Smallest form factor
  • Online configuration

Oscillator Die

  • High-performance XOs and VCXOs
  • Oscillators and multipliers
  • Lowest phase jitter
  • Best level of negative impedance
  • LVPECL, LVDS, CMOS outputs


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Real-Time Clock

A Feature-Rich, Low-Cost Timekeeping Solution


Microchip supports a wide range of Real-Time Clocks from basic low-cost devices to a variety of mid-range devices that are highly integrated with a usable amount of non-volatile memory and a combination of features that are very effective when operating within a single battery backed clock device. With, both I2C and SPI RTCCs available, various applications can be supported at a price that is lower than competitive devices with fewer features and lower performance.


Innovative Peripherals


  • Battery switchover with a power fail time stamp
  • Wide digital trimming range
  • Watchdog Timer with dual retriggers
  • Event Detect inputs with a programmable debounce
  • Unique ID with a user unlock

Easy to Implement


  • I2C & SPI interfaces
  • Industry Standard Pinouts
  • I2C – 8 pins
  • SPI – 14 pins
  • Microchip standard development boards

3 Memory Options


  • SRAM
  • Unique ID / MAC Address


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