EEPROM & Flash Memories

EEPROM & Flash Memories

FMD is engaged in three areas of non volatile memory development that support the low density and embedded memory market. Our patented UltraEE™ EEPROM technology delivers the best price performance low density memory in the industry, enabling us to compete favorably against industrial giants Atmel, ST Micro, NXP Semiconductors and ON Semiconductor. In our eight years of existence, we captured a substantial share of the EEPROM market and forecast growth to exceed 40% per year for the next three years. We have plans in place to become the dominant EEPROM supplier in the near future. Today we offer have standard memory products from 2k to 1024k bit densities and customer specific memory products.

FMD successfully developed the process technology used to manufacture low density memory with standard logic ICs without any additional process steps. It has been proven at the 0.18 µm node at UMC and TSMC. We will mitigate this technology down to 0.13µm, 90nm and 70nm in the near future. The technologies used have extensive patent coverage. Intimate knowledge of process technology enables quick time to market, high performance, high reliability and low cost integrated circuits. Please contact us for licensing information. Under development is an embedded flash process at the 0.18 and 0.13 µm technology node.

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