Timing Devices

kHz Range Crystal

The product family includes everything from cylinder-encapsulated crystals to SMD products for automated assembly. Target applications are microcomputer, small communication devices, smart cards and automotive.

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MHz Range Crystals

Epson offers an extensive lineup of MHz AT-cut crystal units with different sizes and features for a wide range of applications such as CPU clocking, small communication devices, industry and automotive.

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Programmable Oscillators

Programmable oscillators can be programmed locally and thus can be sampled within days and factory programmed with less than two weeks lead-time. Epsons programmable oscillators are all pin compatible to the fixed-frequency oscillators for easy upgrade.

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Real Time Clock Modules

Epson offers a complete line-up of RTC’s starting from easy to use economical devices up to high precision, high stability DTCXO built-in devices.

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SAW Resonators

Epson offers products that feature superior frequency-temperature characteristics, with a second-order temperature coefficient less than half that of typical SAW resonators (ST cut). High oscillation frequencies of several 100MHz are possible.

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Spread Spectrum Oscillators

The Spread Spectrum SG-9001 has a built-in function that reduces EMI (Electromagnetic Interferences), a programmable output frequency and spread percentage, selectable center spread and down spread and a very short delivery time enabled by programmability.

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SPX Oscillators

Epson offers SPXOs (Simple Package Crystal Oscillator) in various package sizes and types, frequency ranges, output types, tolerances and voltages from 1.2V to 5.5V. The SPXOs deliver excellent frequency stability without the necessity of temperature compensation.