Your reliable ASIC development partner Epson has long experience in offering a variety of ASIC solutions to customers with its products of gate arrays, embedded arrays and standard cells.
Epson continues to be your reliable ASIC development partner, meeting your demand for low profile compact products with quick turn around and developing design environments that always satisfy you.

Display Controllers

Epson display controllers reduce the load on the main CPU in drawing process. The original image processing engine performs high-speed drawing while achieving the industry’s top class low power consumption.

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EPD Controllers

EPSON EPD controllers provide a high performance, low cost, solution for current and future E Ink EPDs (Electronic Paper Displays).EPSON EPD controllers provide a high performance, low cost, solution for current and future E Ink EPDs (Electronic Paper Displays).

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LCD Drivers

Epson LCD drivers, developed from the display ICs for digital watches, have been driving display panels of mobile phones around the world. Our many years of technological expertise have yielded a number of LCD driver options for diverse LCD panels.

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Epson microcontrollers, the technologies of low voltage operation and low power consumption acquired over the years through the development of 4-bit microcontrollers for watches and electronic shelf labels (ESL) are inherited by 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers today.

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Network controllers

With the built-in ability to process complicated TCP/IP protocols, the Epson network controllers make network connection possible for previously unconnectable devices, such as those having only serial ports.

USB Switch

This USB bus switch ICs supports USB 2.0 high-speed transmission with reduced switch pin capacitance. External level shift circuitry is no longer required thanks to the built-in level shift circuit provided for the control input into this IC.