Communication products

ISDN transceivers

Series include HFC and XHFC Series ISDN transceiver IC’s.:


Main Features of HFC Series and XHFC Series:


  • Integrated ISDN line interfaces for Basic Rate S/T and UpN/Up0 or Primary Rate E1
    configurable into TE or NT mode by software
  • Low power consumption
    e.g. only 19mA for XHFC-1SU
  • Easy inter-chip connection to telecom ICs, such as CODECs, DSPs and broadband processors
    built-in PCM / TDM bus interface for serial telecom highway
  • Fully digital chip architecture
    manufactured in pure digital CMOS technology
  • Excellent price
    high functional integration means low BOM costs
  • Comprehensive software support
    generic Linux drivers and 3rd-party software available for all ICs