Power Line Communications

N-PLC devices



Targeting narrow Smart Grid, Smart Lighting and Industrial automation applications, Adesto introduces the SM2400 Series narrow band power-line communications (N-PLC) devices. These flexible solutions feature support for all worldwide OFDM modulation based standards such as G3-PLC, PRIME and IEEE 1901.2 as well as FSK modulation. These devices also feature customized modes with superior performance for applications where standards are not important.


The expanded feature set of SM2480 enables this device to function as a fully integrated Analog Controller with Grid connectivity. It is specifically targeted for applications such as solar panel micro-inverters, smart LED controllers and other Grid-connected devices.




  • Programmable to support key worldwide standards including G3-PLC, PRIME, IEEE 1901.2
  • Single chip integrating Physical Layer (PHY), Media Access Controller (MAC)
  • Cost optimized system solution integrating all peripherals, A/D, D/A, Op AMPs and PGA
  • Wide range of high performance and turnkey firmware packages
  • CCM with AES128 / AES256 encryption core
  • Seamless interface to an external line driver for optimal system performance
  • Low power operation modes