Who is PulseR

PulseR, Ruggedized Solutions, offers a variety of magnetic solutions for military, commercial aerospace, manned and unmanned space, high-reliability industrial, medical and power grid infrastructure applications.  PulseR, Ruggedized Solutions (formally Technitrol Inc. established in 1947) was one of the first suppliers qualified to produce signal/pulse transformers to MIL-PRF-21038, passive delay lines to MIL-PRF- 83531, active delay lines to MIL-PRF-83532 and power magnetics to MIL-PRF-27.  A complete line of MIL-PRF-1553 interface transformers, data bus couplers, Copperhead™ transceivers and transformers, Ethernet and AFDX networks, power transformers and power inductors are offered in a wide variety of configurations to support any type of high reliability application.



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