DC High Power




  • Support battery connector plug and receptacle
  • Pitch 1.7/2.0/2.5/5.0mm
  • Commercial UAV reliable battery cartridge connector
  • Support the demand for compact, robust, high current density, board to board mating connector
Flash memory Card Socket



Flash memory, for any mobile device, DSC/DVC, Portable audio players, and able to store media and data, has been applied to certain portable electronic products such as Digital still camera, Personal Digital Assistant, MP3 player, and mobile phone in recent years.
In the market of diversified memory card, there are several popular types of memory card as following: Compact Flash Card (CF), Smart Media (SM), Multi Media Card, (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (MS), and XD Picture Card (XD), etc…


  • SD card series socket
  • Compatible with the most common small flash memory cards
  • Apply for variety memory cards of convenient, portable, and easy to capture special moments
  • Memory card sockets are used in many small portable devices
  • Sockets are used in a variety of formats, capacities and speed
  • With many portable devices growing smaller, thinner and memory demands increasing, there is a need for removable storage devices to be more compact than ever without giving up design space. ATTEND Technology INC has launched variety of sockets for the need of product design.


Support Types:


  • Push-Pull type
  • Push-Push type
  • Hinge type
  • MicroSD+SIM card socket type
  • 4-in-1 Multiple card socket type(MMC/SD/XD/MS)
FPC Connector



  • The best solution for your 3D circuit design allocation
  • Support Slide type, Back/Front Flip rotatory lock type, Middle board
  • Support FPC, FFC cable connection



  • Handheld devices
  • Smart watch
  • Vehicle AutoTronics
  • Small devices
  • POS equipment
  • Server
HDMI Connector

HDMI Connector for GPS, Digital camera, Video / DVD products, Video Games, Mobile phone, Smart TV adn Set top Box.

M.2 (NGFF) Connector

M.2 Connector, formerly known as the Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), is a specification for internally mounted computer expansion cards and associated connectors. It supports multiple add-in cards, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellite navigation, NFC, digital radio, WiGig, WWAN, and SSDs.



  • Miniaturize your layout problems
  • Compared with mini PCI-e, M.2 saves 25% in heights and 55% in the space of the PCB layout
  • Support A/B/E/M key
  • Support multiple Wireless connectivity and SSD module card type



  • SSD storage
  • Tablets
  • Server
  • Smart TV/STB
  • Gaming
  • PCs

M5/8/12/23 Circular Sensor

M series circular sensor connector

  • Industrial Ethernet Connection System
  • Size: M5, M8, M12, M23
  • M12 Contact configuration: A/B/C/D/P/X code
  • Support Panel mode and Cable mode
  • M12 X code supports rugged industrial 10Gbit High Speed/High Frequency
  • Support IP65~IP67 waterproof
  • Support quick installation



  • Railway and Industrial control system/ Traffic Safety system/ Factory automation
  • Fleet Management / In-Vehicle Surveillance
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • Mobile NVR / Marine System
  • Fieldbus control system
Micro and Nano SIM card Socket

Micro and Nano SIM Card Socket for Smartwatch, smartglasses, monitor wrist, smartphone, tablet PC, etc..

Mini PCI socket
  • Mini PCI Socket Metal Grounding
  • Mini PCI Express Socket




  • mini PCI / mini PCI Express socket
  • One click assembly / Easy disassembly / Cost saving
  • “Click” solution allows you to assemble the card without screw driver less than one second
  • Support socket with Latch or Nuts solution
  • Support multiple height(mm) 4.0/5.6/7.0/8.0/9.2




  • Wireless networking device
  • Router
  • SSD storage
  • IP STB
  • IP CAM


MXM Connector
  • MXM 230 pin for QSeven, 0.5 Pitch, 7.8H, Standard Type, Reel, 5u”
  • MXM 3.0 , 314Pin, Pith 0.5mm, H=7.8mm for SMARC/EDM/Apalis Module Application






–  Current Rating: 0.5A per pin
– Voltage Rating: 50V AC/DC
– Contact Resistance: 40mΩ
– Insulation Resistance: 250MΩ
– Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 250VAC




– Durability: 30 Cycle
– Insertion Force: 13N max.
– Extraction Force: 16N max.




– Operating temperature range: -40°C~+85°C
– Storage temperature range: -40°C~+85°C




– Recommended IR Reflow(Wave Soldering) Temperature: 260°C

ODBII Connector

Type A Male


  • 226A-1201: Solder Type, OBD2 Type A Male Connector, 16 Pin, 12V, Solder Pin, Overmold
  • 226A-1202: PCB Type, OBD2 Type A, Male Connector, 16 Pin, 12V, R/A, DIP
  • 226A-H001: Crimp Type OBD2 Housing, Type A, Male, Overmold, Nylon Black


Type B Male


  • 226A-2401: Solder Type, OBD2 Type B, Male Connector, 16 Pin, 24V, Solder Pin, Overmold
  • 226A-2402: PCB Type, OBD2 Type B, Male Connector, 16 Pin, 24V, R/A, DIP
  • 226A-H002: Crimp Type, OBD2 Housing, Type B, Male, Overmold, Nylon Black


Type A/B Female


  • 226B-1201: Solder Type, OBD2 Type A/B, Female Connector, 16 Pin, 12V, Solder Pin, Overmold
  • 226B-H001: Crimp Type, OBD2 Housing, Type A, Female, Crimp Type, Nylon Black
  • 226B-H002: Flanges Mount Type, OBD2 Housing, TypeA, Female, Flange Mount, Nylon Black
  • 226B-H003: Mounting Ears, OBD2 Housing, Type A, Female, Mounting Ears, Nylon Black




  • 226A-T001: Crimp Type, OBD2, Housing, Type A/B Male, Overmold, Crimp Terminal
  • 226B-A001: Mounting Ears, OBD2 Type A Female, Mounting Ears, Crimp, Latch Gray
  • 226B-A002: Flanges Mount Type, OBD2 Type A Femail, Flange Mount, Crimp, Latch Blue
  • 26B-T001: Crimp Type, OBD2 Housing, Type A Female, Crimp Type, Crimp Terminal
  • 226B-T002: Flanges Mount / Mounting Ears Type, OBD2 Terminal, Female Pin, Crimp PBS, Tin, 12-22AWG
Pogo Pin Connector


For Note Book, Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Hearing aids, Car Stereo, Digital Camera, Bluetooth, and GPS/PDA.

RF Connector

RF Connector for Storage Equipment, Medical Equipment, Automotive Controls/Infotainment System, Servers, Test/Measurement Devices, Factory Automation, Robotics, and Telecommunication Equipment.

RJ45 Connector




  • Providing solutions to meet the demand for information flow with greater bandwidth requirements
  • Jacks with integrated design that support Magnetic, PoE, Transformer, EMI Tab
  • ESD solution. Reduces EMI/EMC radiation, improves EMI performance efficiently
  • Support CAT5/5e/6 high speed RJ45 Ethernet jack
Sealed I/O Connector


This series features:

  • USB 2.0 A Type Waterproof Socket
  • HDMI A Type Waterproof Socket
  • RJ45 8P8C Waterproof Socket
  • Mini USB B Type Waterproof Socket
SFP/SFP+/QSFP Transceiver




  • Support 1Gbps~40Gbps data rates for Gigabit Ethernet and Optical Fiber applications
  • Compatible industry-wide standard SFP/ SFP+/ QSFP modules




  • Switch
  • Telecom fiber equipment
SIM card socket



  • Sockets provide features in a compact design for mobile devices using GSM, GPRS, SMS and MMS technology
  • Multiple sockets support SIM card, micro SIM card, Nano SIM card, Combo card type SIM+microSD socket
  • Nano SIM card socket with tray, eject type provides convenient and quick to insert/eject SIM card feature design


  • GSM/GPRS device
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Handheld devices
  • Remote control system
Smart Card Socket

For the usage of Set-top boxes, POS, ATM & Vending machines, Electronic wallets, ID/access control, and Medical diagnostic equipments.


SO DIMM Socket




  • SO-DIMM DDR (X) socket
  • Support SO-DIMM DRAM module DDR 2/3/4
  • Support Vertical type, Horizontal type, Dual port type
  • Vertical type with excellent long latch for easy operating
  • Support multiple height(mm): 4.0/4.2(Dual Port)/5.2/8.0/9.2




  • POS
  • Embedded system
  • Industrial Automation
  • Digital Signage Player
  • AutoTronics
  • Networking
  • Gaming


RCA+SPDIF Jack for DVD Player, TV, Video Games, PC, and Set Top Box.

Test Fixture

mSATA golden finger

  • AD914A: mSATA golden finger to mSATA connector Adapt
  • AD913A: mSATA golden finger to M.2 B Key connector Adapter


M.2 golden finger


  • PE2201: M.2 B+M golden finger to M.2 B Key connector Adapter
  • AD912A: M.2 B+M Key golden finger to mSATA connector Adapt
USB/ USB Combo




  • Support USB 2.0/3.0/3.1/Powered USB connectors
  • Support A/B/C/Multi-ports type solution
  • Micro USB2.0 B type receptacle supports waterproof
  • Powered USB connector interface includes four additional contacts for power delivery, each rated at 5A/contact, to supplement the connector’s current-carrying capability




  • Receipt printer
  • Barcode reader
  • POS equipment
  • Datacom
  • Telecom
  • Hubs
  • Speakers