Interconnect products

Board to Board Connectors
This series features Board to Board connectors in the range of 0,4mm; 0,635mm and 0,8mm.


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Board to Wire Connectors


Amtek developed a complete range of Board to Wire and Wire to Wire connectors. Key featured series are:

  • Housing Wafer Terminals
  • Wire to Board Connectors



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Cable & Wires

This series features Wire Harness in the range of:

  • Wire with Housing Pitch 0.5~5.08 mm
  • LVDS Cable
  • ATX Power Supply Cable
  • Ribbon Cable

This series features Flexible Flat Cables in the range of:

  • FFC Pitch 0.3~2.0
  • FFC Jumper
  • Round End FFC
  • FFC Connected with Terminal

This series features Flat Cables in the range of:

  • IDE Flat Cable
  • Rainbow Flat Cable
  • Flat Cable with Micro Match
  • Flat Cable
This series features cables in the range of:

  • VGA Extension Cable
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI / KVM / SATA Cable
  • Network Cable
  • DisplayPort Cable
  • Adaptor



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Din 41612&41622 Connectors
This series features connectors standardized on the DIN41612 and DIN41622 specification. Both male and female versions are available as well as different housing styles, pin combinations and edged and non-edged versions.


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FPC/FFC Connectors
Especially for use in very space critical applications Amtek offers FPC/FFC connectors to interconnect using minimal space. The series offers connectors with pitches of 0,2mm up to 2,54mm.


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Header & Socket
Amtek features a complete line up of Header and Socket products like:

  • PCB Conn. 0,8/1,0/1,27/2,0 and 2,54mm
  • PCB Conn. 3,96/4,20 and 5,08mm







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I/O Connectors
Amtek offers a complete range of I/O connectors like:

  • HDMI
  • D-Sub
  • Centronic, SCSI
  • RCA, DC & Earphone Jack’s
  • USB, Micro USB, MUSB and USB3.0
  • Mini DIN and DIN Jack and plug

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IC Carrier Connectors
This series features connectors in the range of:

  • PLCC Socket
  • DDR3 Socket
  • Cardege Connector
  • IC Carrier Connector


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LED Connector
Amtek offers connection product specific to connect LED products to the board. Pitches available are 4.0mm and Pitch 0.4mm.


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Modular Jack & Plug Connectors
Amtek developed a full line-up of Modular Jack and plugs with superb quality and competitive prices. Single and multiple versions available!


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RF Connectors
Amtek features a complete series of RF connectors. This range includes:

  • BNC
  • TNC
  • SMA
  • SMB
  • MCX
  • MMCX


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Switch Connectors
This series features connectors in the range of:

  • Rocker Switch
  • Push Button Switch
  • Dip Switch
  • Tact Switch


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Terminal Block Connectors
This series features connectors in the range of:

  • Pluggable Terminal Blocks
  • PCB Universal Screw Terminal Blocks
  • PCB Spring Terminal Blocks
  • Feed Through Terminal Blocks
  • Barrier Terminal Blocks


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USB Series/IEEE/Din Series Connectors
This series features connectors in the range of:

  • Mini USB
  • Micro USB
  • USB
  • IEEE 1394
  • MDJ
  • Din Jack
  • Din Plug



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