Elma accessories include:

– Test extender boards in VPX, VME64x, VME, cPCI, ATCA, VXS, MTCA, and VXI architectures, designed to extend plug-in cards outside of the card cage area for easier testing.
– Load boards for various architectures designed to aid in verifying that the chassis can meet the power requirements of the system specifications, and helps the engineer locate hot spots in the chassis.
– Power Interface Boards for pluggable power supply modules. Air blocker/filler boards that fill empty slots, jumper for bus like VME, and re-direct or contain airflow.
– Form factor extenders for various architectures such as VPX, VME64x, VME, cPCI, ATCA, VXS, MTCA, and VXI.
– Cabling solutions for VPX / OpenVPX.
– SerDes test modules directly evaluating true Gbps serial link BER performance inside the chassis.

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Custom Backplanes, IO & Carriers

Custom Backplanes, IO & Carriers


Elma Electronic, the backplane division from Elma, is the leader and innovator in high-speed custom backplane design and systems accessories such as I/O board and carrier card. Our signal integrity analysis and simulation/characterization tools, ensure that we supply you with an efficient cost-effective design solution.



– 20 development engineers worldwide
– 150 man-years experience
– More than 1,500 backplane projects
– More than 80 projects every year
– Complex designs with active components and up to 30 layers
– Modified standards for all PICMG and VITA specifications
– NSC (non standard-based custom) design
– Proven, reliable high-speed designs with data rates up to 10 Gbps per differential pair

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Other Architectures

Other Architectures


In addition to the common VITA and PICMG architectures, the Elma Electronic backplane portfolio includes: VME320, VITA31, VXI, PXI, cPCI Express, Starfabric 2.17, and the latest PXIe and AXIe. Elma offers the following technologies:


– AXI-e
– PXI and PXIe Backplanes
– Dual Star Topology
– VME320
– CompactPCI Express
– Starfabric 2.17

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PICMG Backplanes: ATCA, uTCA & CPCI

PICMG Backplanes: ATCA, uTCA & CPCI


From standard configuration to custom designs, Elma provides the best in backplane technology serving the communications, military/aerospace, computer, instrumentation, industrial automation, and medical industries. Elma has been the recognized leader in Switched Fabric designs, having developed the first PICMG 2.16 and PICMG 2.17 backlplanes on the market. Their expertise and extensive experience with high speed buses and fabrics keeps us on the cutting edge of technology.

Elma offers a comprehensive range of:
– ATCA backplanes
– MicroTCA
– CompactPCI
– CompactPCI Serial

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VITA Backplanes: VPX, VXS & VME

VITA Backplanes: VPX, VXS & VME

Elma developed the industry’s first VPX backplane and proposed several profiles to the VITA 46 subcommittee. Since then, Elma has developed various VPX and OpenVPX configurations with and without legacy VME64x slots. VPX presents design challenges with higher layer-count backplanes, and more demanding power and cooling requirements. Elma tackled these problems with comprehensive signal integrity analysis and testing.

Elma offers a complete range:
– VME64x
– OpenVPX backplanes

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