Bridgelux EB Series

EB Series linear modules are designed for linear troffers, pendants and other luminaires in indoor commercial and industrial applications.  Available in 1ft., 2ft., and 4ft. lengths, the modules can be connected end-to-end providing flexibility in designing luminaires.  The Zhaga compatible modules further simplify design by providing easy mounting options, reusable poke-in connectors and by being compatible with a variety of off-the-shelf optics.  The modules have long lifetimes of greater than 50,000 hours and are backed by a Bridgelux 5-year warranty.


Product Specifications

Product CCT Range Length CRI SDCM Typical Flux
3000K, 80 CRI
Typical Voltage Drive Current Efficacy
3000K, 80 CRI, 50 C
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3000K-5700K 280 mm 80 3 1205 lm 22.1 350 mA 156 lm/W
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3000K-5700K 560 mm 80 3 2410 lm 22.1 700 mA 156 lm/W
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3000K-5700K 1120 mm 80 3 4820 lm 44.2 700 mA 156 lm/W