Alcom becomes AM&T's Distribution partner in Benelux and offer Best-in class touch solutions for industrial applications.

AMT touch products are advanced high-performance and reliable total touch solutions for various industrial and medical applications.  AMT is in – a class at its own- by manufacturing both proprietary touch sensors and proprietary “Penmount” touch controllers.  From LCD bonding to décor glass printing, from controller to sensor, only AMT can offer you a truly all-inclusive touch module with all components represented by one part number. Our ability to tailor sensor and controller to meet stringent demands guarantee the normal functionality of our touchscreens even in the harshest environments. Brief, customers come to AMT for our great product quality, reliability, durability, and immediate support services.


Alcom has a specialist and technically-trained team.  We invite our customers to get in touch with Alcom to discuss the current and next generation of touch & display application requirements for industrial and harsh environments.

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