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Alcom electronics is the leading “technical distributor/stocking rep and manufacturers’ representative” for Electronic Components, Wireless Modules, Embedded Computing & Communications Technology, Optoelectronics and Power Solutions in the Benelux. Since its inception in 1980 we sell high quality system components and integrated solutions with all round services. Alcom has been the trend-setter providing complex and/ or customer specific solutions to approximately 1500 customers by Specialism, Knowledge and Expertise starting at the design concept. We bring leading edge innovations with a competent and dedicated team of 50 people to the market servicing a wide variety of customers either OEM, big, small or start-ups active in diverse vertical market segments and applications securing our growth.

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Alcom sees itself as a one-stop company offering a multi-brand umbrella for state-of-the art solutions with  synergistic interactions among the product groups. We work in close cooperation with carefully selected leading manufacturers and extend their product lines with regional value-added services tailored to suit customers’ requirements. We proudly represent the companies on our line-card in a true partnership by providing manufacturer certified technical people and dedicated sales and application engineers to our customer base.  This guarantees our business partners to meet solution-driven, technical competent and enthusiastic people at Alcom. In a word, Alcom is a long-term technology bridge for the world’s most advanced technologies and a spearhead business partner in the served markets.


As a member of a European alliance, we allow our business partners/manufacturers to select the strongest individual demand creating stocking representatives by technology and by region for the Eu-market.

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