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Thin version 0.96 inch OLED
REX012864D OLED Graphic 128x64. Item. Module Dimension. 26.7 x 19.26. Viewing Area. Active Area. Dot Pitch. Dot Size. Standard Value....
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5.2" Bar type stretched TFT LCD Displays
Bar Type TFT is a new rising star for many applications, These Bar TFT displays are a perfect choice to...
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TFT High Brightness Solution from 7" to 21.5"
Alcom offers a complete range of the highest brightness models for outdoor applications. We invite you to discuss your TFT...
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MONO TFT Displays
Monochrome TFT LCDs provide a high performance solution for industrial and automotive instrumentation, audio/visual displays and industrial devices that do...
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Graphic-OLED: genious contrast and unmatched viewing angle
Now the worldwide first OLED display with pins is available: EA OLEDL128-6GGA. Pins with pitch 2.54mm provide a much faster...
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Touch Monitor with built-in iDev OS
The GT-EP is a built-in touch monitor with iDevOS that can be operated as ARM9 host controller. Because of its...
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