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EFR32™ Mighty Gecko Wireless Starter Kit
SLWSTK6000B The Mighty Gecko Wireless Starter Kit includes Zigbee and Thread software stacks, sample code and integrated debug adapter. The...
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MGM12P Mighty Gecko Module +17 dBM Radio Board
SLWRB4304A The MGM12P SLWRB4304A wireless radio board plugs into the WSTK Main Board provided with the Mighty Gecko Starter Kit...
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The RN2483 LoRa® Technology PICtail™/PICtail Plus Daughter Board is a development board that showcases the Microchip RN2483 Low-Power Long Range, LoRa®Technology...
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The RN2483 LoRa® Mote is a LoRaWAN™ Class A end-device based on the RN2483 LoRa modem.  As a standalone battery-powered node, the...
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The LoRa® Network Evaluation Kit makes it easy for customers to test LoRa technology, range and data rate. The full-featured gateway...
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