Projection Display

Front Projectors

Luminus’ PT-series of high brightness projection LEDs have been deployed in nearly all Front Projection applications including mainstream business and classroom, home theater, and high reliability video wall installations.


Business and Classroom: High Brightness, High Reliability enable outstanding images with extremely low total cost of ownership when compared with traditional lamp-based illumination.


Home Theater / Entertainment: Extremely High Color gamuts combined with instant-on., the ability to completely extinguish the light source , and no rotating wheels make for a superior solution over traditional lamp and laser-phosphor solutions.


Video Wall: High Reliability 24/7 operation, Low Lumen Decay, and easy device-matching performance across multiple projectors make Luminus large format LEDs perfectly matched to the most demanding projection application..


Color LEDs for Front Projectors

PTM-64       Coming Soon!
Professional Projectors

Luminus projection LEDs are the light source of choice for a wide range of professional and commercial applications.


Combining ultra-high brightness with a median lifetime in excess of 60,000 hours in most systems, Luminus projection LEDs offer low cost of ownership, high availability and consistent color and picture quality. As a result, they are increasingly being adopted in front and rear projection applications such as video walls for control rooms, simulation projectors and creative digital signage solutions.


Color LEDs for Professional Projectors

Pico & Pocket Projectors

Pico and ultra-portable pocket projectors are a new, fast-growing class of projectors sometimes referred to as New Era.


Luminus’ comprehensive range of projection LEDs provide optimized solutions for the different product categories in this market. Using both compact surface mount and metal-core PCB packages, Luminus offers several LED configurations tuned to mainstream micro-displays. Customers can leverage the high performance and efficacy of Luminus LEDs to implement solutions ranging from palm-sized, battery operated projectors to multi-hundred lumens office and entertainment projectors.


Color LEDs for Pico & Pocket Projectors