Optics for LED

Silicone Optics

Gaggione goes a step forward by adding new materials and process to its know-how and capabilities, in order to achieve new design freedom and possibilities. Already considered an expert in making very thick transparent plastic-injected secondary optics for LED lighting for almost twenty years, today Gaggione integrates a new dedicated workshop to provide Liquid Silicone Optics. Key investments include state-of-the-art injection technology and talent base.


Gaggione introduces a brand new range of standard silicone products :
– The LLL15A and N, 150mm linear collimators for architectural and UV applications (color mixing TIR optics) made with optical silicone.
– New standard silicone optics are currently introduced to the market and their infosheet will be online very soon.

Silicone Optics Infosheet
Free form lenses

Thanks to a long and recognized experience in customized street lighting clusters and optical modules using free form optics, LEDnLIGHT welcomes a new standard Snap & Light cluster for shop and retail lighting applications. This category wants to be bibliotheca of solutions dedicated to some very demanding markets. One of them is street lighting application.

Thanks to its optimized optical design, this lens will allow to develop an efficient lighting system. Our engineers kept in mind the key success of a lighting system: reducing the number of LED per system and increasing the distance between two systems.


Free form lenses Infosheet Street Lighting Datasheet
Fresnel Lenses

In order to satisfy the signage market, LednLight has a 200 and a 300mm Fresnel lens in its range. This both lenses are optimized by their optical conception and will fit in most of signage equipments.


Fresnel Lens Infosheet

The optical design concept results from close collaboration between optical, plastics and coating engineers and experts all focused on the same goal: a maximum of efficiency in a minimum of depth.
Our hybrid reflector is the addition of a Fresnel lens and a reflector itself.
Some different windows can be clipped on the reflector to move from a Narrow beam (15°) to Medium (30°) or a Large beam angle (60°). From one mechanical design, 3 different solutions are available to cover any needs.
All reflectors are Silver coated to reach 93% of reflectivity in the visible and IR. A protective layer is also included to increase the durability of the reflector.


LEDnLIGHT welcomes a new range of 111mm hybrid reflectors for COB LED: a standard AR111 for retrofit and a full 111mm diameter for new design opportunities.



Reflectors Datasheet

Our range of Lednlight standard collimators is the fruit of long experience in the custom optical components market. It has developed naturally in the face of constantly changing market demands: the search for the best possible compromise between quality, reliability and cost savings.


Our collimators adapt to different areas of application such as the automotive sector, backlighting, mobile telephony and light indicators on domestic appliances. Thanks to a very extensive product range, we can meet most technical specifications.

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